Vite (VITE) will launch Blockchain Explorer and Wallet on August 23

Vite (VITE) is a next-generation reactive blockchain that aims to empower dApps with ultra-high throughput and scalability, by leveraging a message-driven, asynchronous architecture and a DAG-based ledger.

On August 6, the Vite team announced that the blockchain browser demo and the wallet will be launched soon.

On August 16, the Vite team announced that the Blockchain Explorer and Wallet will be publicly available on August 23.

This version of the Vite wallet covers all nodes and allows users to generate accounts, check balances, send transactions, auto-receive tokens and obtain test tokens.

Additionally, this version of Vite’s blockchain explorer allows users to inquire about accounts, transactions, snapshot blocks, and list of tokens available on the Vite network.

The Vite team also published a video with Demo of Vite’s Wallet and Blockchain Browser: