The Metadium (META) testnet v0.1 is officially launched

Metadium (META) is the next-generation identity protocol powered by blockchain technology. Metadium aims to build an identity blockchain ecosystem through a system service called the “Meta ID”.

On September 30, the Metadium team announced the launch of Metadium’s testnet v0.1, Kalmia.

“Kalmia is a high-performance general purpose blockchain with 3,000 TPS”, – reads the announcement.

Testnet features

  • Metadium client, gmet, is the command line interface for running a full Metadium node implemented in Go being forked from Ethereum, geth, source code
  • Metadium consensus mechanism: Proof of Authority (PoA) with Raft leader selection algorithm up and running.
  • Deployed on real network environment, running on multiple authority nodes deployed worldwide
  • A blockchain explorer to display addresses, transactions, and blocks
  • A faucet that provides testnet meta coin to users

By installing and running gmet, you can take part in the Metadium Kalmia test network and transfer coins and tokens between addresses and contracts, create EVM based smart contracts and interact with them, as well as explore block history and much more.

Metadium is considering to implement a concept of a Validator Group to alleviate the somewhat centralized configuration of a PoA model. The Validator Group will monitor the actions of the Block Producer, and report any abnormal behavior to manage and check the reputation of the Block Producer.

In Metadium, nodes can utilize voting for adding a new node to participate and for removing a particular node with abnormal behavior.

In the current stage, authority is strictly managed in the private domain. Governance will be open to friendly partners at 2019 Q1 and to general public at 2019 Q2. Participant can install gmet in their own machine and be allowed to do any operation except mining.

According to the announcement, Meta ID beta service will be open to the public at the end of 2018 Q4.

A Developer’s Guide to Kalmia is available here:

Limited amounts of Test META tokens will be distributed to participants via faucet: