Bitfinex introduces newly updated Bitfinex app

On October 30, a crypto exchange Bitfinex introduced a newly updated Bitfinex app for traders. The exchange’s team has fully rewritten the existing Bitfinex app to support the latest iOS and Android native features, as well as mimic a similar functionality as the website.

The exchange’s team created two landing pages, one for trading and one for funding. On each page, favorites and the page’s respective unfiltered widgets are shown. For each page, the user may customize which widget is shown.

Because the Bitfinex website is table oriented — lots of columns spread wide across the screen. The team writes that this wide user experience is not native friendly given the vertical aspect of phones, so they now consider your phone size and calculate all the columns into a horizontal scroll view. So whether your phone is vertical or horizontal, or you have iPhone 5 or iPad, you will never see columns bunching up.

The announcement reads that if you have multiple phones, or maybe an additional tablet, your settings will persist across all your devices.

Additionally, iPhone X and other phones with “notches” are now supported in the app.

The new app also includes tablet support, biometric identification (users can now unlock the app with their fingerprint or face), as well as blue, white, and black themes.

All features from the old app carry over to this new app, so users don’t need to worry about missing features.

To make sure that the app works nicely across all phones and operating systems before publicly releasing, Bitfinex offers a quick beta. If someone wants to participate, he/she can use the Google form given in Bitfinex’ Medium post.


  1. Trading app requires constant updates. It’s good that bfx understands this fact and makes its app more and more efficient.

  2. As for me, applications can replace official web-sites of different platform, finex felt that tendency and want to be the first one obviously

  3. Those updates for Bitfinex application are made with the only one purpose – optimization, glad to see that this application will claim to be the best

  4. The App is in its working order now – that’s good that Bitfinex made these upgrades.

  5. I’ve just checked what finex made with past bugs and they really disappeared, that’s exactly what was needed.

  6. Convenience is the main idea in the app, no one would use a mobile app which isn’t fast, comfortable to use and bulky, the company feels that

  7. isnt a big update, again Bitfinex gets an update which is quite small but one by one and the whole picture becomes better, isn’t that so?

  8. I’ve noticed more and more people relying on this app, and that is rather sensible, there has been quite a lot of work done on it, after all

  9. Right now Bitfinex app runs fairly well, I would like it to be improved further, but I imagine that it is only a matter of time

  10. still think that we can count on finex in the matter of apps, the platform has proven the capability of seeing perspective directions

  11. im glad that the work on Bfx app never ends, thats the way it should be in crypto imho

    1. Not all the applications on the market can show such stable rate of growth, Bitfinex must be proud of their product

  12. I don’t use Bitfinex but regularly read their patch notes, the platform manages to surprise me every time with some ideas they implement

  13. What else can be added to the application now to make it better? I feel like every patch finalizes the app development, but I’m proven wrong with a new bunch of additions every time

  14. Okay, now I feel like posting my own patch suggestions on Bfx channel, maybe that’ll even be used as base for a future app patch, that would be sweet

  15. I don’t know what else Bitfinex can offer in new version because this on came up great!

  16. This application has gone from a questionable beta to its lovely current state, Bitfinex has invested enough efforts into it, I assume

  17. if the company keeps introducing patches of this kind, this app wont have any rivals soon – ok Im exaggerating, but the job done on the program is still appreciated

  18. The company can make better even such things which are already so like its app foe example

    1. Speaking from experience here – its been a lovely application patch, the quality standard is still upheld by Bfx, all is well in short

      1. Now that is a welcome bunch of additions, Bitfinex should keep seeking the minor points to enhance so that the overall experience gets better

  19. It is not unbelievable that finex has so big auditory cause it works always good and with all attention to users

  20. Bitfinex do everything to be the best and even now they continue to upgrade its app

  21. We are able to help the cimoany in fixing bugs in the application so I think it might be useful for any of you to know that you can try

    1. always good to see some fresh upgrades, Bfx should carry on with that and give us more haha

  22. Who told me about some crisis on finex? This app update demonstrates that the platform works as usual with constant improvements.

  23. I don’t think a new patch can make us wait for a long time, Bitfinex will definitely release it soon after success of the previous

  24. some pleasant updates are always welcome, that’s not disputable at all! platform gets my ‘LIKE”

  25. Bitfinex shows its’ creativity and wish to remain the best on the application market as well

  26. im not used to see a platform trying to optimize the app, platform keeps showing me some new edges of crypto

    1. Bitfinex has a plan how to move trading into the apps – think they’re just doing first steps towards it

  27. New update? Sounds perfect! Nice that Bitfinex doesn’t forget about app improvement.

  28. Won’t hide my sympathy to Bitfinex for having such a reliable community which is ready to help even in updates

  29. That’s again something revolutionary from Bitfinex – fixes that are made in a tight collaboration with its’ own users, impressive

  30. Now that is a curious change list, it appears that Bitfinex app has no more major issues to deal with – I may try using it now then

  31. some fresh patches were necessary for Bitfinex app to my mind, finally we can take a look at them

    1. In the light of recent events, this news is uplifting! Many thanks to Bitfinex for another one app update!

  32. where does Bitfinex gets all inspiration for endless updating of the app? the frequency is able to shock even the most biased haters

  33. the changes aren’t big but I must say quite pleasant, the Bitfinex app is getting better

  34. that’s pleasant to see this change log, some serious features were added ofc but im impressed by the fact that the platform cooperated with users to get rid of the bugs

    1. it didn’t make us wait for long, hope that all the changes are suitable for traders, I know that finex is tightly cooperation with traders in order to make app better

      1. don’t think that new features added in the app can be revolutionary but I wont deny that all of them are definitely pleasant, well done Bitfinex

  35. im not used to mobile trading at all but Bitfinex application is able to change my mind, I just need to get into it somehow

    1. current price line in the charts is the reason to love new update for Bitfinex app

      1. Hard to predict what will happen to bfx application but as we see the application is strongly supported by the platform