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TOKEX.CC: Sell a token after ICO Ends and at the Best Price

The TOKEX.CC platform offers a unique opportunity – to sell tokens that are not listed on the exchanges. And besides, tokens trading with TOKEX.CC occurs at the best prices.


TOKEX.CC is first and foremost a convenient place to make money. And in different ways.

  1. Sell tokens.
  2. Invest money at a high percentage.
  3. Join the referral (affiliate) program.

To sale ERC20 tokens at the best prices – today this is an exclusive opportunity of TOKEX.CC. The authors step forward with the fact that, in order to trade tokens, they must be listed at the cryptocurrency exchanges, where the price will be low and the same on all exchanges. In this case, the main problem when dealing with a centralized exchange, which are the vast majority now, is that the ICO must be completed. And the delay before the listing can last up to 3 months. On TOKEX.CC, you can trade tokens almost as soon as they are launched. It is also known that in the case of centralized exchanges it is hard to talk about anonymity, as well as about full control over the money. TOKEX.CC promises to solve these two problems too. And by the way, it reduces the risk of losing funds because of hacker attacks. Additionally, due to the fact that the possibility of price manipulation by the centralized exchange is removed, the token can also be traded at a higher price.

How to trade? Sales token on TOKEX.CC is made in a few clicks. After registration, user’s ERC20 tokens are transferred to the platform wallet and credited to the user’s balance. The system determines at what price they can be sold. After that, the user sells them for bitcoins and can instantly withdraw funds from the balance. Currently, you can trade the most popular tokens and currencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, DASH, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, BitCoin Gold, BinanceCoin, DigiByte, DogeCoin, Electroneum, TRON, TrueUSD, Waves, VertCoin, Monero, Verge and ZCash. The authors promise to expand this list. Nothing hinders this, since the internal exchange is used on the platform.

Investment program

With TOKEX.CC you can earn not only by trading tokens. The platform also offers an investment program with high interest rates. The program includes 4 offers, from 7% per day to 399% for 3 months. Available investment amounts are from 0.005 BTC to 25 BTC.

And earn more!

The opportunities for earning are not limited with this. TOKEX.CC also offers an attractive affiliate program. In fact – this is a referral program, but with a clear and quite tangible reward. To participate, you have to get a referral link and use it to promote the Platform on the Internet, both in social media, forums, and on third-party resources, including your personal website. Referral Level 1 gives you 6% of his deposit! And even a referral of the 3rd level will bring 1% of his deposit on TOKEX.CC.

Some points that need attention

Depending on the blockchain for different coins there is a different number of necessary confirmations. TOKEX.CC announces the following data: BTC – 3 confirmations, LTC – 3 confirmations, XRP – 30 confirmations, BCH – 3 confirmations, BTG – 3 confirmations, BNB – 10 confirmations, DASH – 3 confirmations, DGB – 10 confirmations, DOGE – 3 confirmations, ETN – 5 confirmations, TRX – 10 confirmations, TUSD – 10 confirmations, WAVES – 4 confirmations, VTC – 3 confirmations, XMR – 3 confirmations, XVG – 5 confirmations, ZEC – 3 confirmations, ETH – 3 confirmations.

Minimums for withdrawing funds from are set as it is mentioned below. All the data are summarized in the table:

Testimonials and development

The unique feature set of the TOKEX.CC platform has already attracted the attention of investors. In a short time, many rave testimonials have appeared. This inspires confidence and attracts new users. Which in turn allows development of the platform. The authors promise to soon launch the following features: Get loan system; Crypto wallet (with App).


With the TOKEX.CC platform, cryptoindustry is reaching a new level. For the first time, it is possible to trade tokens before listing on exchanges. Investors have additional ways to earn money at the expense of a higher token price, maximum at the market. On one platform, you can not only trade, but also invest at high interest rates. And besides, take advantage of the referral system and earn more. TOKEX.CC undoubtedly gives investors an excellent opportunity to earn even during the period of stagnation in the market.