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Initium Group On-Board For Pitcher Perfect Berlin

Pitcher Perfect has on-boarded Initium Group in the quest for nurturing innovation in the blockchain community. Initium Group will be attending the 3rd edition of UCIM, in the Pitcher Perfect event to be organized at Berlin.

Initium Group is a corporate banking group powering a new digital economy. The future multi-jurisdictional bank aims to uplift the traditional banking sector by extending its services to the underbanked and unbanked businesses of the digital world that are building the future technology. Initium seeks to be a leading bank providing banking services to profitable and innovative businesses, irrespective of the industry, that do not have access to basic corporate banking services. The group realizes the need for promising businesses to have access to the necessary banking services to take their blockchain based business ideas to the next level. Joining the race to a new digital economy, Initium Group will be present at Pitcher Perfect in Berlin on 24 April. Pitcher Perfect is a platform that nurtures pioneering projects, providing a platform for these projects to connect with industry leaders for the necessary impetus to transform their groundbreaking ideas into radical products. The event bridges the gap between the two ends of the investment community. The idea behind Pitcher Perfect is to guide and empower startups to present a strong pitch in front of industry leaders, build networks and make life-long connections.

UCIM had embarked on its journey towards uniting the crypto community spread out across the globe, in November 2018 taking part in the Asia Blockchain Week in Singapore. Accommodating a large number of attendees, international speakers, industry leaders and ingenious projects, the 2-day event was successful in creating a buzz. Following the success, UCIM hosted Pitcher Perfect in February this year at Singapore exclusively aimed at linking projects with investors. Because investment is as necessary for an innovative project as a creative idea is to an investor. The startups participating in events like Pitcher Perfect are not only looking for funds but also seek strategic partnerships, industry knowledge, expert opinions and feedback about their project from industry leaders.

The second edition of Pitcher Perfect will be hosted by UCIM at Berlin to continue with the novel motive of uniting the two ends of the investment community. The event will unfold with a Pitch-a-thon followed by velocity meetings with investors and a sumptuous dinner to mark an end to the event. With projects such as Initium Group and more on-board, the event will collaboratively take a step towards the blockchain revolution.

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