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Airdrop of the week: Marshal Lion Group(MLGC)

Marshal Lion Group launches the airdrop of its token MLGC, offering 120 tokens worth about $ 30. It was decided to send 1.5 million MLGC tokens to airdrop – this is 1.25% of all tokens.

Marshal Lion Group is a Polish company that has been operating in the financial markets since October 2015 and has served 10 thousand customers during this time. Now the Marshal Lion Group is transferring its experience from the world of fiat finance to the blockchain. From the point of view of the Marshal Lion Group, blockchain opens up new opportunities for customers, without increasing the risks for the company. Without the involvement of third parties and the provision of guarantees, customers can receive loans based on their rating.

  • Decision time is reduced.
  • Time-consuming processes are automated with smart contracts.
  • Quick obtaining of the loans.

Blockchain allows the Marshal Lion Group to work successfully both with private and public clients. All loans are provided according to the B2B model.

The transfer of activities to the blockchain platform strengthens the position of the Marshal Lion Group in the non-bank loan market. That’s why the company decided to issue utility tokens MLGC. Tokens will allow investors to participate in the company’s business and receive 50% of the profits from the sale of its products.

More about Marshal Lion Group – in Coinstelegram review.

General conditions of Marshal Lion Group airdrop:

  • the number of tokens per participant: 120 MLGC (about $ 30);
  • no referral program;
  • KYC is not required.

How to get your $ 30? You have to work a little. Short guide is as follows:

  1. Follow Marshal Lion Group on Twitter profile & Repost with the hashtags #MarshalLionIEO #MarshalLionGroupCoin.
  2. Follow Marshal Lion Group on FaceBook & Give a like, repost with the tag of their FB and with the hashtag #MarshalLionIEO #MarshalLionGroupCoin.
  3. Join Marshal Lion Group on Reddit & Vote and share the post.
  4. Join Marshal Lion Group on Telegram.
  5. Subscribe to Marshal Lion Group on Youtube & Like two videos. 
  6. Give likes on LinkedIn for any post and make a repost with the hashtag #MarshalLionIEO #MarshalLionGroupCoin.
  7. Follow Marshal Lion Group on Medium.
  8. To get the payout, send an email with your Name, Links of your reposts and your Ethereum wallet to

Token distribution is planned on 19th October after reviewing all of the results and finishing the IEO of the project. Tokens are going to be locked for two months in order to level up the liquidity of them and achieve listing on premium exchanges.


Pre-Sale token price: 1 MLGC ≈ 0.18 USD

Pre-Sale Start Date: 10th September, 2019

Total Supply: 120,000,000 MLGC

Standard: ERC-20

Industry: Banking

Headquarters: Warsaw, Poland