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Coinsbit and draw $250 K and Porsche Cayenne

The platform and Coinsbit exchange are conducting a draw of CSNP tokens, as well as the elite sports car Porsche Cayenne. enables innovative projects tokenize the business and raise funds, both for the development of the project and for IEO. The target is to finance projects that have been tested by the experts. To get funds for projects support, the platform sells its CSNP tokens. Each user who purchased tokens can sell them on the exchange and make a profit. Or deposit tokens on the platform and receive a profit share from the projects supported by the platform.

Coinsbit Exchange was launched in August 2018 and is booming. Today it is 51st in the CoinsMarketCap ranking. Several projects have already passed IEO on the Coinsbit platform, including ELVN (raised over $ 2.2 M) and Fortem Capital (raised over $ 5.1 M)

To attract users to the platform and expand support for start-ups, and Coinsbit hold an action to draw CSNP tokens with the main prize – the Porsche Cayenne sports car. In total, 500 K CSNP tokens in the amount of $ 250 K are drawing.

Terms of participation:

  1. subscribe to the Telegram channel;
  2. go to the Invest Box  of the project on the Coinsbit Exchange 

The promotion is held in 4 stages among the participants of Invest Box.

Rules of the draw:

  1. Create an account on the CoinsBit Exchange  and go through the KYC procedure;
  2. Buy a minimum of 20 CSNP tokens and replenish your balance on CoinsBit.
  3. To participate in the Porsche Cayenne main prize draw, you should have at least 1800 CSNP on your account.
  4. Repost on social networks this news:

The draw is held from the list of IDs of the CoinsBit exchange. To increase the chances, you can purchase additional CSNP tokens. Every 20 CSNPs are followed by re-inclusion of ID in the draw list. Each 1800 CSNP acquired are followed by the inclusion of ID in the draw list several times.

Details of the action are available at

You can find what is Invest Boxon at the CoinBit exchange website

Currently, has 5,000 users in the community and about 500 large CSNP holders. Each token holder can receive additional income as a share of the profits of funded projects. To get profit from projects, you need to keep a minimum amount of 1800 CSNPs on the platform. This gives the user status of a Startup promoter. Only promoters can receive a share of the profits as a reward for their activity.

The CSNP token IEO was successful on the CoinLim exchange, the token is listed on CoinsBit. In addition, CSNP has moved from the ERC20 standard to the progressive and promising BEP2 Binance Chain standard.