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Exclusive: UFO-House Hotel is facing virtual reality

An unexpected reaction of the authorities was caused by the activities of the German company JA EXPERTS AG (project UFO-House Hotel), which tokenized the business of building green, stand-alone hotels and houses. The company’s accounts were arrested, a special operation was conducted in the office, and employees were detained. A company spokesman told Coinstelegram the details.

For four years, since November 2015, the company has been developing the business of building green houses of unique stylish (“alien”) architecture in popular tourist centers, including Antigua, Tenerife, the Seychelles and Hawaii. The houses are provided with autonomous power supply, independent water supply, have a universal purpose. In case of use as hotels, the Blockchain hotels booking protocol is applied – a protocol for booking places through the blockchain. A year ago, the company issued its own token UFOHotelCoin. JA EXPERTS AG is headquartered in Hanover, Germany. There are representative offices in the USA and Russia.

It went good until JA EXPERTS AG got in its account in one of the largest banks $200 thousand from the Russian investor Vladimir Makarov, St. Petersburg. The company’s accounts were instantly arrested, a criminal case was instituted in 3 days, in which JA EXPERTS AG employees are held as defendants. Special services came to the office: detentions, search, seizure of documentation, computers and office equipment. After questions by CEO JA EXPERTS AG Anna Hammer, she was told that the company was accused of laundering terrorist money. The search is authorized by the court. Here is a direct speech from a company representative:

– All electronic media were seized – flash drives, cards, laptops, phones. Imagine what it means to be left without electronic media now. As a result, employees do not have access even to mail, to banking, everything needs to be restored step-by-step. The company suffers reputational losses because it is not possible to conduct other transactions … So urgently, in 3 days to open a case and get a court sanction – this means that the police had specific data. The seasonal factor also worked – August, the vacation period. They received the sanction on Friday, and no one began to understand in detail, since this is a terrorist threat. They carried out the operation of the highest level: 4 task forces of 6 people each, in civilian clothes, so as not to frighten away the “terrorists”.

The management of JA EXPERTS AG was confident in their innocence, so the employees behaved confidently and calmly. On the other hand, the police also relaxed a bit when they saw a working office of 96 square meters. m on the ground floor of a prestigious building that is clearly not designed for money laundering. According to the law, the investigation may not give any explanation for 2 weeks. Therefore, the company undertook to conduct its own investigation. It turned out that Vladimir Makarov is indeed a terrorist, a killer of a terrorist organization. The source of information is… the video game Call Of Duty!

At the request of a compliance officer of the bank, banking bots pull up information from the Internet. There are cards on Vladimir Makarov at the FBI, at the CIA – it’s true, judging by them, he was killed in Dubai in 2017. But there is also information from Interpol to Vitaly Makarov, who is still wanted, and is part of a real terrorist organization. He was born in Kazakhstan, as Vladimir Makarov, an investor in UFO-House Hotel. Both are residents of St. Petersburg. In addition, it turned out that with a transfer amount of $200 thousand dollars, the case is submitted for consideration by the bank’s compliance officer in manual mode, in accordance with the new FATF rules (Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering). All together led to the mistaken conclusion that the investor is a terrorist. And the tough machine of the State started.

Representative of JA EXPERTS AG:

– Our lawyers immediately sent protests to the police, prosecutors and the courts. There is no answer. The prosecutor admitted that they were mistaken. But he said that they do not understand how fundraising works in cryptocurrency and require explanation. For 14 days they have the right not to give any information. Makarov urgently provided a certificate of the lack of a criminal record, the lack of attention to his person from the law enforcement agencies, a tax return and confirmation of the legal source of obtaining funds for investment. He calmly travels to the EU countries, without experiencing any difficulties, as evidenced by the stamps in his passport. According to him, 50 thousand people live in Russia with the name Vladimir Makarov. Now we are losing business, the account does not work, investors send money, which are returned to them.

Losses force JA EXPERTS AG to sort out all the details in order to avoid repetition:

– Cryptocurrency in Germany has been legal for circulation since 2013. We have signed an agreement with VPE Bank, which has fully verified our project, it is our escrow agent for IEO. Makarov went through the KYC / AML procedures successfully, and company employees were very surprised that he was being charged as terrorist. But the police have a biased attitude towards cryptocurrencies. They consider everyone involved in cryptocurrency to be criminal elements.

Further actions of JA EXPERTS AG are justified and logical:

– We expect that the case will be closed, we will get apology. There is no reason to continue the case. We will also apply for compensation. We need to understand in detail who did not check the information about virtual terrorist, who sent this denunciation.

It is possible that what happened is the result of unfair competition. After all, the UFO-House Hotel project is truly innovative, breakthrough and promises to be very profitable. As for Call Of Duty – perhaps the developers of the game should use less popular Russian surnames for their negative characters, as Hollywood does – their Russian bandits have the names of Russian classics like Pushkin and Gogol. In any case, JA EXPERTS AG intend to contact Call Of Duty and offer them to settle killer Vladimir Makarov, or another bandit with a popular Russian surname, in the virtual house UFO-House Hotel.