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TechPark hosts global summit for major tech industry players

The event will showcase emtech companies alongside academics and researchers, and see representatives from government agencies present their latest ideas and findings on the stage at Davos.

Davos is well known as the meeting place for global leaders and media at the annual World Economic Forum. On 23 January 2020, the Swiss resort will also host a summit of global technology leaders, who will gather from over 20 different countries to share their latest research and discuss the developments that will shape the world we live in for the next generation and beyond.


TechPark has carved out a niche as the place for global leaders and technology entrepreneurs to present and learn about the next big trends: the emerging technologies that will change the world over the coming years. These include Artificial Intelligence, Education Technologies, Blockchain, Big Data, Internet of Things, and Virtual and Augmented Reality, amongst others.

Not only will the event explore these new technologies, but critically, it will seek to understand their relevance and apply them to the challenges that face us – such as the climate emergency and broader concerns of financing, investment and corporate social responsibility that have been catapulted onto leadership agendas the world over.

Change makers

The one-day summit will offer the chance to hear some of the most influential and audacious thought leaders in the space offering their vision of how emerging technologies will impact our lives. Speakers include CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors and popular influencers including:

  • Jorge Sebastiao, CTO, Huawei Technologies
  • Heinz Sommer, CEO, HSO Education
  • Marco Tempest, Technologist, NASA
  • Efi Pylarinou, Top Fintech Advisor
  • Marc P. Bernegger, Swiss Serial entrepreneur
  • Karim El-Jisr, CSO, The Sustainable City Dubai
  • David McLaughlin, Director Ecosystem, Google

One of the major themes of the event is the opportunity that digitization offers for SMEs – the small- and medium-sized organizations that represent 90% of worldwide businesses and provide over 50% of global employment.

There will also be time and opportunities for networking, enabling tech leaders from different sectors and walks of life to connect with each other and benefit from new perspectives and experiences. The event will end with an Afterparty, giving delegates the chance to meet and enjoy the company in more relaxed circumstances.

For change makers – especially those involved in educational, medical and financial technologies – this is the most important technology conference you will attend this year.

The event is hosted by a Swiss Serial Entrepreneur, Yusuf Berkan Altun, who co-founded and invested in several tech companies from the ground. Yusuf aims to create a community at TechPark of like-minded leaders, locally and globally. The vision of the annual meeting inspires industry leaders to get involved and make a difference.

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