Binance Coin (BNB) tothemoon: what fuel?

The space take-off of Binance is attracting more and more attention to it. The exchange has just celebrated its second anniversary.

How is it possible that a platform that emerged from nowhere, in two years got more than a half of marketshare?

(Data: The Block,

Following the success of the exchange, its own BNB token has already moved to 6th place in the CoinMarketCap rating. Since the beginning of the year, BNB has grown more than 5 times (for a short time even more than 6).

Experts explain the rapid development of the exchange not only with the energy and enterprise of ChangPeng Zhao, but also with not always legal business methods. In particular, the exchange is accused of money laundering to inflate volumes, and specific facts are cited. Someone Matt Midoriyama tells CZ and his team on twitter:

Users among those who managed to buy BNB on the lows are happy now and do not pay attention to it. These posts are also enough:

And CZ knows how to support optimism of the community. He recently announced the creation of the American branch Binance.US. Moreover, CEO of the American exchange is a former employee of Ripple. Ripple loses – Binance and BNB find.

Assuming that there will be no such freedom on American land as in Malta, CZ chose as a partner in the USA – BAM Trading Services Inc., a FinCEN-registered Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, bureau of the Ministry of Finance.

So yes, BNB seems to continue its tothemoon journey. Unless American authorities stop it.

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