Bitcoin (BTC) As an Indicator of Market Maturity – Experts

Teeka Tiwari: “Institutionals will not trade on Binance!”

Teeka Tiwari, who represents himself as a business coach and financial writer, is best known to the crypto community as co-editor of the famous Palm Beach Letter. Currently Teeka conducts a short, but important and geographically distributed tour for meetings with fund managers. The tour includes a visit to European financial centers, in particular – Swiss, as well as Moscow. During meetings with successful and dynamic people Teeka notes: “There are a lot of educated people in the industry who manage money, but they are young and they do not have experience working on Wall Street”.

The expert believes that these people do not have an understanding of institutional plans: addressing storage issues, creating liquidity, creating an infrastructure for infusion of money. “You understand, institutionalists will not trade on Binance!” – aphoristically notes the expert.

Teeka, reasonably referring to the old fighters of stock battles, is convinced that the lack of experience will not allow young market participants to stay in it for a long time and succeed: “Young market participants can not understand properly everything that happens and this is our advantage. We understand the impact of these events in the long term, not only for bitcoin, but for the entire market.”

2018 will be the year of building highways for institutes, the expert believes.


Boxmining: “We are standing at the threshold of radical changes”

Under the name Boxmining, the very pool of young market participants with low experience (as for Teeka Tiwari) has been exposed. However, these young people very quickly grow up and make the right conclusions from what is happening on the market. “We are standing at the threshold of radical changes, because it is now clear that the crazy bull rally officially came to an end,” Boxmining claims. Since the beginning of the year, the market has been full of hopes and expectations of a major event, such as the adoption of the ETF, for example, that will return prices to previous levels. But now the players realize that this will not happen. Pre-New Year pump was most likely the result of the primary entry of a large number of investors into a big number of crypto-currencies. These investors have already left the market and are not going to return soon. At the same time, the end of the bull rally is positive for the market. “The fastest way to make money in the market in December was to search for patterns and get into pump coins before the news,” – the expert recalled. “For growth, it was enough to have an idea, a beautiful name and rapid marketing, but not technology and integration. Thus, the market has turned into an extremely speculative one. “ But now, crypto-currencies are dropping to the new levels of support, this is a consequence of speculator’s loss of faith in them. We can say that the market enters the stage of building a fundamental basis. Experts are focused more on a deep analysis of technology. Projects are starting to work on developing more intensively. For example, Wax, Engine and Plair, aimed at the digital entertainment market.

“The market is beginning to understand that this is a long-term investment, and a crazy bull rally most likely will not return,” – expert concludes.


Experts standing at opposite ends of the age line – are voicing surprisingly similar judgments. So, the truth is out there!

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