Bitcoin (BTC): we will never see 4 digits in price again

As soon as Bitcoin in 10 minutes won back 10% to the level of $ 10,600, analysts vied with each other to predict a rapid growth in the market.

“The Boot” is the most specific:

– We might never see four digits in this bull market. And unless Bitcoin breaks the macro trend, the bottom of the next bear market should be above $10 K.

The Boot promises $ 14K in August and $ 18K in September.

Analyst Crypto Thies agrees with him:

– October to January are historically the most bullish. Food for thought: It’s probable we see $20k in 2019. More importantly, we potentially won’t see sub $10k again.

Many now say to themselves – it was not necessary to be greedy at $ 9,500! But perhaps it’s not over yet. Crypto Influencer Joseph Young anticipates greater volatility and teaches unwise investors:

– I expect Bitcoin to show some extreme volatility in the upcoming weeks. There really is a need for investors to know exactly why they are investing in the asset class before investing. Chasing for short-term returns never turns out great for many investors.

Generally, basing mainly on technical analysis, experts expect a breakthrough above $ 11K – at least on the simple basis that volumes are growing. Bitcoin can stop at $ 12 K. All this is consistent with Coinstelegram forecast. Except, of course, the overly optimistic $ 18K in September. Recall the current behavior of Bitcoin and the market was predicted by our analytical unit on July 3. The forecast was confirmed with great accuracy.

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