Coinstelegram Alerts: Uranus (URAC) Code Reviewed By Cryptodiffer, DREP (DREP) Starts ICO Round 2 and Covalent (COVA) announces testnet

Uranus (URAC) Code Has Been Reviewed By Cryptodiffer And Was Highly Appreciated

Cryptodiffer claims: “Uranus presents itself as the Airbnb platform in computing resources”. It sounds funny but its right. To say truth Uranus is one of a number of blockchain projects focused on using extra computing power through distributed network. Cryptodiffer tried to find if there is something special – by investigating the contents of Uranus Github. Besides redistributing computing resources Uranus is functioning as a BaaS (Blockchain as a Service), and also provides one-click deployment and application marketplace for other nodes on the chain. Cryptodiffer claims that “this code to be in the early alpha stage but showing all signs of solid and professional development”. VM for cloud computing is the latest technology trend, which Uranus is tapping into. “At this early stage, we see Uranus doing exactly the right things, solid open source following the latest trends from the big leaders,” – stated Cryptodiffer. And concludes: “We see high potential with Uranus and believe that their technical solution (and especially the way the project utilizes virtual machines) is a unique selling point among blockchain projects competing in this space. The advantage of this project is that Uranus makes computing easy to install, easy to scale/ manage and provides an open hardware platform. We see a real world need for it from a commercial perspective. The high speed / quantum computer projects are in need of something simple to scale down and the Uranus container model is perfect for it, something that will likely drive adoption. We are bullish on Uranus and believe it can stand out in this very competitive space and acquire market share”.
Wow! Coinstelegram shares this optimism (See our review)

DREP (DREP) Has Launched Crowdsale Round 2

DREP ICO Round 2 is in now active. The progress is displayed online at the official site

It is stated that Round 2 will continue “till sold out”. And additionally:

  • Contribution only in ETH
  • First come first served basis
  • No maximum contribution
  • No restrictions on Gas Price and Gas Limit

Pegging: 1 ETH = 60,622 DREP Tokens.
Unsold tokens will be burnt in a manner to ensure that the token metrics shown in the Whitepaper and One Pager will remain consistent.
Total supply is 30% of 10B DREP token. Now 2,64 B DREP is sold.

Covalent announces the launch of its private testnet

It was announced early that Huobi Capital, the investment branch of Huobi Group, focusing exclusively on blockchain and crypto assets investment – became Covalent strategic investor. This backing helps the team accelerate the progress of building a new Internet composed of Smart Data that remembers, keeps a secret, learns from its users, and is OPEN for good.

However, the presale is closed and airdrop has been completed month ago. Due to this actions Covalent official telegram group is close to upper limit – it has now 93,5K members.

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