Crypto Narnia Сhat, Leaks of “Secret” Analytics. Translated from Narnian


  • – SEC rejected 3 applications of ETFs of 4. F… it! Bakkt is our Everything! (The Bakkt platform is created by the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and one of the world’s largest financial corporations Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) in partnership with Microsoft, Starbucks and BCG.The Bakkt ecosystem will include federally regulated exchanges, custody services, applications for merchants and users.Bitcoin, as the most liquid crypto currency, will be the first in the listing of the new platform and will be traded in pairs with fiat currencies.)
  • – Inside from China: FCoin – TOP-1 crypto-exchange. Soon on all the screens of the planet. – So that’s why China is closing 124 exchanges! All hurry up and get in FCoin!


  • – In ICO, you can lose all 100% of investments simply and do not even have a chance to return something. And it does not depend on you at all, whether you will return something or not. Take PDX (PDXC) – the top project. There are a lot of pre-salers who have plunged into it and will never return their money.
  • – There are calls to take PCHAIN and launch its Master Nodes. The ROI is as much as 10%. Annual. In tokens. (Officially – no details. How much to pay for Master node? What is ROI? All the details will be after the start of the mainnet in March 2019)


  • – What’s going on with Nano? why is it growing so much? Did you have any news? 170% for 5 days … – Next СloakCoin. – Is it time to short Nano or globally it is not a growth?
  • – The astronauts from the Dove Network (DOVE) did not fly to the moon. Landed in the nearest puddle.
  • – Cryptoworld paradoxes: while all top alts are on the bottom, Decenturion gives a profit to the most deft hamsters (Decenturion (DCNT) – a start-up, whose goal is to create a completely decentralized state on the blockchain.)

Quotes of the day

  • That’s why the blockchain is so necessary in this world! Trusting a buggy centralized server is dangerous.
  • Aromatizer in “Doshirak” – “Taste of an up-trend”.

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