Crypto Narnia Сhat, Leaks of “Secret” Analytics. Translated from Narnian


Tomorrow we are waiting ETF refuse for one application. Little pouring is tailored to this event.

There is a turmoil that the ETF would be approved on the 23rd of Aug., and they are dumping specially to take it cheaper.

If they’ll approve from this small fund, then from the rest big funds even more so. Too greasy as for a hamster, it must still suffer.

On the contrary, if they dump, that is, the inside in advance of the refusal of the application, and vice versa. Well, or just on expectations.

In my opinion, before October-November this year, the downtrend lasts. Till 99% of hamsters die out.


  • When the crypto will be used universally, we can forget about those X-rise that can still be done on it.
  • X-rise is just because the community is healthy. And not vice versa.


PKG Token

  • Meanwhile, the Pokemon Token (PKG Token) x4 in the Ether for the week.
  • The effect of listing on the Korean stock exchange in September. The community of 2802 holders, I do not understand from what such growth is. Apparently quite hamsters. When will you be able to shorten on the DEX?
  • Volumes 3 times greater than Phantasm (SOUL) and comparable to NKN (NKN).


  • Why does Narnia shills Origo (Origio Network (ORIGO))?
  • There are no other cool project.
  • I quit after Quarkchain (QKC).
  • Soon Origo will go to the stock exchanges, all throw their scam-coins (BTC, Ethers, etc.) in order to buy Origo on the stock exchange!

Oasis Labs, NuCypher (NKMS)

  • And what, is there a big cap at NuCypher (NKMS)? About Oasis (Oasis Labs), they wrote that they received $ 45 million from the funds only, I think the total cap will be very big.
  • I’m not interested in almost all projects now, except Oasis Labs, Harmony, StarkWare and Nervos. But this does not mean that they will be just as interesting when I find out their hardcap and valuation… Here many are waiting for NuCypher (NKMS) … Perhaps, they will be surprised soon.

Metaverse ETP (ETP)

  • Meanwhile, Metaverse ETP (ETP) from July 18 to August 18 gave x6
  • For a long time it is in the top of
  • It is mined on the same algorithm as the Ether.

Holo (HOT)

  • Holo can grow in price, as the Ether for the seasonal alts. I think so for a number of reasons: cooperation with Binance (in fact, not stupidly messages in the social network like many others), community, developing the project itself.
  • Holo has x9 now, there are no other ICOs with such rise. But in general, of course, the “techs” in the Tlgs of those projects are much more than in the hip’s Quarkchain (QKC) what-thread.


  • Create a fund – the BTC costs 6K – you apply for the ETF – the ETF’s hamster buys BTC – you sell BTC at 8K, then you withdraw the application. Easy money!
  • Please explain to “hamster”: in the minute when the red candles appear on the BTC, which are larger than the middle ones, the alts gradually fall afterwards. Is it not a win-win hamster-tactics – to throw all alts after that and then redeem them back. If this is not the first time repeated.


  • I like Radchenko. But that’s what he said in April: “Rather, we’ll see an ETH at $1000, rather than $250.”
    NB. Anatoly Radchenko, trader since 2005, engaged in crypto, blogger, studied at State ITMO University in Saint Petersburg, lives in Moscow. Founder and senior partner at United Traders.

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