Elections in Ukraine: Volodymyr Zelensky and crypto

According to the Myrotvorets (Peacemaker) website (https://myrotvorets.center), the election campaign of Volodymyr Zelensky was financed by the FSB of Russia using the WEX crypto exchange. -Wow! That’s how it’s going!

Snitching to Security Service

The message is decorated in the best traditions of denunciations – loud, to the top, with rich details and without any actual evidence. The denunciation was sent to the National Security Council (RNBO), the Security Service of Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada. It states:

“In the course of its activities related to the monitoring of communication channels of representatives of Russian special services and terrorist organizations, on February 25, 2019, the Myrotvorets Center received information that the special services of the Russian aggressor and the terrorist organizations created by it are directly involved in financing the election campaign of a presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky “.

Rich details are the undercover colonel of the FSB, the illegal armed group’s militant from the Crimea, the WEX exchange and even the Malaysian Boeing-777 (flight MH17). All that is known in connection with Ukraine and the civil war in the south-east of Ukraine. Downed Malaysian airliner is a sore subject and, despite a lot of publications, still attracts attention. The FSB officers and militants are also in demand, of course. The WEX exchange is still a recent topic.

Its owner, Alexander Vinnik, has been in a Greek prison for 20 months and recently stopped a long protest hunger strike just to live up to the court. The court is in no hurry to make a decision, because Vinnik is demanded by both Russia, France and the United States. It was at the request of the United States that Vinnik was arrested; he was accused of creating cryptocurrency exchanges without a license from the US authorities and money laundering, about4 to 7 billion dollars. This stock exchange was originally known as the legendary BTC-e, the most popular among Russians at that time. It was created back in 2011. In 2017, it was closed by US law enforcement agencies. But then it was bought out, rebranded and worked as WEX, even with the promise to return the lost funds to users from the stock exchange income, by issuing special debt tokens.

As for the facts, there are no yet the promised details about the terrible inquest on the sites https://myrotvorets.news/ and https://ordilo.org. There is an empty idle talk about anything:

In fact, the fake was made according to the patterns of Joseph Goebbels:

  • We are not seeking the truth, but the effect;
  • If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it;
  • The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed.

Who is who

The Myrotvorets website –

In the Russian public space, it has the glory of an odious resource. Here, hit lists of those whom the current Ukrainian authorities consider the enemies of modern Ukraine are actually published:

– The site is positioning itself as “the Internet representation of the Center for the Study of Crimes against the Fundamentals of the National Security of Ukraine, Peace and the Security of Citizens” The site contains an open database of personal data of people, collected by illegal means (hacking, phishing) and open source intelligence tools and published without the consent of those whose data are published and which the authors call separatists or “Kremlin agents” … Gained wide popularity after the assassination of the Ukrainian writer Oles Buzina and former Verkhovna Rada parliamentarian Oleg Kalashnikov, whose personal data, including addresses, were published on this site (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myrotvorets). In addition to journalists, the site also published data on Russian public figures and pop stars. At one time, there was even a joke that if you are not on the Peacemaker website, then you are not a real Russian “star.” There is data there on world media journalists such as AFP, Al Jazeera, Le Monde, BBC, Reuters, Forbes. And even on the former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder.

Vladimir Zelensky –

According to political analysts, was originally nominated and supported by the Ukrainian oligarch billionaire Igor Kolomoisky in order to take votes from the current president, Petro Poroshenko, in favor of Yulia Tymoshenko. On her Kolomoisky made the main bet in the confrontation with Poroshenko, with whom he had a long-term business conflict. Kolomoisky is co-founder of the Privat group, the largest Ukrainian financial and industrial group. It directly or indirectly includes more than 100 enterprises in Ukraine and the world. But Zelensky turned out to be much more successful than could have been supposed. And he started to play his own game. Calling Zelensky a clown and a showman, his foes diligently keep silent about the fact that he graduated from the Krivoi Rog Economic Institute of Kiev National University of Economics and received a law degree. From KVN-team (student’s “Club of the Funny and Inventive People”) he grew up to a big businessman in show business. He worked as general producer of the Inter TV channel (part of the Inter Media Group holding Dmitry Firtash). His Studio Quarter-95 provides large-scale production of entertainment products. As a producer, Zelensky released several projects that had a resounding success in all countries of the post-Soviet space. The most successful are Svaty television series (Matchmakers) (6 seasons), “Love in the big city” (3 films), “8 dates” (3 films). In Ukraine, he is also well-known due to satirical political cartoon series “Fairy Rus” and the series “Servant of the People” (3 seasons). You do not need to be an economist, to understand that with such a scope, Zelensky has enough funds to finance the presidency campaign. The first persons of the Russian show business are also busy in his projects, so, if necessary, it was much easier to transfer money with their help from the FSB than with a scandalous crypto-exchange. Zelensky is accused of the absence of a political program. In fact, he not only developed the program, but also illustrated it in the series “The Servant of the People”.

Petro Poroshenko –

Fifth President of Ukraine, in the animated series “Fairy Rus” displayed as Peter the Great. Big businessman, 6th place in Ukraine, Forbes list. The managing company is PJSC Non-Diversified Corporate Investment Fund Prime Asses Capital (ZNKIF), CEO – Alexey Poroshenko (father P. Poroshenko, 82 years old). Politician since 1998. President since June 2014 with a support level of 40%. During the presidency he improved significantly his own property status. In 2018 alone, Poroshenko’s personal income grew 95 times, according to his declaration (https://public.nazk.gov.ua/declaration/c1d19887-53fe-4f99-8cef-6cbe5155ccb2). In the presidential campaign of 2019, hу gathered amost half as many votes as Zelensky. In the second round on April 21, Poroshenko will fight not only for the presidency, but also for his business and, possibly, for his freedom. Therefore, no fair play, all means are good. Dumb crypto leaks is just a warm-up. During the current presidency of Poroshenko in Ukraine, several resonant political assassinations and terrorist attacks were carried out. In addition to the above-mentioned Oles Buzina and Oleg Kalashnikov, Russian and Belarusian journalist Pavel Sheremet, State Duma deputy and businessman Denis Voronenkov, Council Chairman and Commander-in-Chief of the Donetsk People’s Republic Major General Alexander Zakharchenko and dozens of others were also killed. Apparently, his opponent Zelensky will have most of the money now spent on strengthening personal security.


The ridiculous version of Zelensky’s financing from the Russian side with the help of crypto is, in fact, significant.

First, it means that with all the intense attention no other ways of supporting Zelensky from Russia have been identified.

Secondly, it recognizes that cryptocurrency becomes a factor not only economic, but also public, and even political life.

And thirdly, this is a good hint for creative Zelensky that he may have an additional source of funding – crypto! It is enough for him to launch his own cryptocurrency, and he will have enough money, as for personal security, and for the development of his program, and for the capture and imprisonment of his current opponent, no matter where he hides – in Moldova or Spain.

Ukrainian society is ready for crypto. Suffice it to say that in Kiev, the issue of paying by Bitcoin for public transport is being considered. The Myrotvorets, unwittingly, actually helps Zelensky to become the President of Ukraine.

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