Eloncity (ECT) ICO: Back To DС Power With Blockchain

Eloncity decentralizes power infrastructure into millions of self sufficient microgrids.

Eloncity features:

  • Blockchain-based Trade System with AI algorithm. Blockchain based trade systems make energy trade transparent while AI algorithm finds fair market prices in realtime as reference.
  • Smart Energy Storage Systems. Energy storage systems with IOT technologies balance the demands with supplies of locally produced renewable energy.
  • Switching DC Power Bus. The new last-mile network helps remove peak load permanently.
  • Direct Current Appliances. New appliances, driven directly by DC, eliminate the repetitive power conversion and improve the competitiveness of locally produced renewable energy.
  • Proof of Stored Power (PoSp). New mining scheme makes ESS investment grade financial property.


  • Intelligent direct current last-mile networks, remove peak load permanently.
  • Direct current appliances eliminate the repetitive power conversion and improve the competitiveness of locally produced renewable energy.
  • Hierarchical Chain structure to enable flow of energy among microgrids, including EV Charging/Discharging.

The idea in short

In short, the Eloncity project builds its development strategy on several important factors.

First: energy is always important for the economy of any country and the global economy, including. Here always will be money.

Second: there is a clear global trend towards the use of solar energy as an important, and in the future, perhaps the main source of energy supply. At least – for communal services.

The third is less obvious, but convincing: the use of direct current in power supply networks is 7-8% more efficient than the use of alternating current.

This last statement is based on the fact that the sources of electricity are located close to consumers. Since the transmission over long distances, DC losses are obviously unacceptable. That is why a 130 years ago Nikola Tesla revolutionized the electric power industry when he suggested using alternating current . But, perhaps, indeed, the new times are new morals. If the current is supplied by solar panels on the roof of the building, and most devices consume DC power – there is no sense in its inverting first to the alternating current, then back to DC. Lack of these losses gives a gain of 7-8%.

As for the use of DC in the utility sector – here Eloncity is evidently in the trend. Everyone has already agreed that the future is for electric vehicles and electric buses. While this kind of vehicles is restrained by car with hydrocarbon fuel engines manufacturers, as they invest in these production. But sooner or later an electric car will kill these manufactures.

The concept of an active house or building with zero energy consumption (zero net energy, ZNE) also wins on a global scale. this is about that the total amount of energy used on an annual basis is approximately equal to the amount of energy produced in the building (due to solar panels on the roof mainly). A similar concept, approved and implemented by the European Union and other partner countries, is net zero energy building (nZEB). This program was adopted with the aim of providing all buildings in the region by 2020 in accordance with these standards. Let’s remember the date and compare it with the roadmap of the project.

Roadmap Milestones

2018.Q3: ECT Token Sales Event. Commence construction 1st energy self-sufficient campus based on NetZero technology. First Eloncity microgrid (ECTP-enabled) proposed.

2019.Q1: Eloncity Energy Exchange and Smart Contract platform, Eloncity Token Mining Mechanism deployed on Cybermiles Plasma Layer.

2019.Q4: Launch 1st & 2nd Eloncity microgrids based on ECTP platform. 1st & 2nd joint-development with local government on ECTP microgrid. Field pilot 200 Vdc appliances.

2022.Q4: ECTP-certified 1,000th developer/ vendor supports ECTP. 200V dc elected as proposed standard. NFPA conducts safety test on 200 Vdc Connector. ECTP Platform support


Ticker: ECT
Token type: ERC20
ICO Token Price: 1 ECT = 0.12 USD
Fundraising Goal: 33,000,000 USD
Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000
Available for Token Sale: 32%
Know Your Customer (KYC): YES (PERIOD ISN’T SET)
Сan’t participate: CHINA, USA
Min/Max Personal Cap: 0.1 ETH / 3 ETH
Accepts: ETH


Eloncity is holding an 8-week Official Bounty Program to reward its supporters with ECT tokens between June 8, 2018 and Aug 2, 2018(CST). 1,500,000 Eloncity Tokens will be allocated to the bounty program.

The tokens will be distributed in 6 campaigns below:

  1. Bitcointalk 20% 300,000 ECT
    B. Content          18%       270,000 ECT
    C. Reddit             6%         90,000 ECT
    D. Telegram       5%         75,000 ECT
    E. Social Media                 48%       720,000 ECT
    F. Special Task   3%         45,000 ECT


Andy Li – Founder CTO/CEO of Pomcube and Former CTO of ChinaCache. Alibaba Fellow for 1st Direct Current datacenter in China (2010). Architect for many Internet backbone networks in Asia/US when working for Cisco as Principal Engineer World’s first commercially available energy router for residence and SOHO.

Michael Nguyen- VP of program management, 30-year career spans across multiple industries; from non-profits, advanced energy programs and policy to IT research and development, international manufacturing operation and markets development. Mike holds 17 patents and four industry awards for technology innovation.

Justin Wang – Product Manager, Lead Architect for iCAN, NetZero, Architect, Modular Data Center, Smart3Technology, Sr. ME, Emerson Network Power, Xian, China

And 5 more specialists: Marketing Director, Hardware Engineering Manager, Software Engineering Manager, System Verification Manager, Project Manager.


Bryan Lewis Allen – an American self-taught hang glider pilot and bicyclist. He achieved fame when he piloted (and provided the human power for) the two aircraft that won the first two Kremer prizes for human-powered flight.

Enso Li – datacenter architect at Tencent qu haifeng. Research Fellow — Alibaba Group.

Howard Choy – Owner at Howard Choy Consulting.

Robert Fortunato- President, ForStrategy Consulting Inc., Trusted Business, Innovation and Sustainability Advisor.


General partner (PREMIER COLLABORATION PARTNER) is Krypital Group– a marketing firm specializes in comprehensive Blockchain marketing services worldwide. Most of the projects which Krypital Group deals, are well-known to our readers due to our ICO reviews.

Other partners


The project differs first of all with its attempt combine blockchain advantage with real industry ofelectricity generation and distribution. The peculiarities of the moment in the part of changing the ecosphere of energy supply are well taken into account. Points of growth have been found and a blockchain is proposed to support the development of this sphere.

The team is quite strong and experienced, with a background of successful projects or experience of job in solid companies. The team is balanced from the point of view of effective business.

Roadmap is developed from 2014 to 2022. Moreover, the points of development of the project in the roadmap are well coordinated with the world initiatives in the development of the world energy market.

A reliable partnership is primarily with the Krypital Group, which has several successful blockchain projects in its portfolio.

Contras: the board of advisors evoke the doubts – it is rather weak in its characteristics. There are still no Whitepaper.

In common the project is explicitly strong and promising.

Coinstelegram Rating: High

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