Emirex Advisory: Explorer to Commodity tokenisation

Tokenisation of commodities is a new global trend. The idea is that it is not commodities are traded, but their symbols – tokens. This reduces costs and is performed over blockchain, with high transparency to market participants and reliability. Obviously, the token is a progressive modern way of launching a product or service in the market. Even not liquid commodities can be made liquid with tokenisation. And liquid commodities significantly increase their liquidity. From the point of view of investments, the fact that tokenisation allows breaking an asset into small components is of great importance. Due to this, investors of any level, including small ones, are involved in investing, and the amount of investors is expanding significantly.

Asset tokenisation requires a set of competencies from both traditional finance and the blockchain industry and cryptocurrencies. It is the set of competencies that Emirex Advisory accumulates, as a part of the Emirex Group.

“Eventually every stock, bond, currency and commodity will be tokenised and traded peer-to-peer via a Blockchain. We decided to focus our efforts on tokenising the $20 trillion a year commodities market. 

World Economic Forum predicts that in 5 years 10 % of the World GDP will be tokenised on blockchain, which is 12 trillion USD. Emirex is here to make this digital transaction faster.”

Irina Heaver, Co-founder Chief Strategy Officer Emirex Group

Emirex Advisory provides consulting services in the field of tokenisation to legal entities, including state regulators. It also develops smart contracts and digital payment services. Coordination of activity with other divisions of Emirex contributes to the successful business. Emirex Group begins its history since 2014, in its current configuration, it is since 2018. The Emirex Group includes:

  • Emirex tokenisation Platform – a platform for asset tokenisation;
  • Emirex Custody Services – a cold depository for institutional investors;
  • Emirex Underwriting Fund – a fund for long-term investment in projects in the field of IT, management and trading.
  • Emirex Wealth Management Services, a wealth management service focused on family offices and High-Net-Worth Individual (HNWI), provides an opportunity to diversify the investment portfolio through digital currencies;
  • Emirex Wallet – wallet for the safe storage, sending and receiving of assets, iOS and Android base (under development);
  • Emirex Exchange – a cryptocurrency exchange for digital and fiat currencies, EU licenced and regulated.

The entire Emirex ecosystem is united by its own Emirex token (EMRX). It is used to pay for products and services of the Emirex Group and to stimulate participants in various categories, including traders, investors and partners. EMRX holders are encouraged by substantial discounts on all Emirex Group services.

Currently, a limited number of EMRX tokens sold on the presale are in circulation. A more significant number of tokens will be put into circulation during the IEO, which is scheduled for December 11. The distribution of tokens is as follows:

  • 13% sold on presale;
  • 15% goes to developers;
  • 10% set for burn;
  • 7% is reserved for long-term investment;
  • 55% IEO.

Interest in IEO EMRX is supported by a prize draw and referral program. Cash prizes totalling $ 200 K will be raffled off and 100 winners will receive them. The drawing is carried out according to the tickets that each participant will find in their personal account when they register on the giveaway page. One can increase the number of tickets due to the powerful referral program. Each participant will receive 2 additional tickets if he can successfully share the referral link. The link is also in the account. 2 tickets are added if a new member is registered via the referral link. Tickets are activated on the eve of the draw by replenishing the balance on the Emirex exchange in $ 50 or by purchasing EMRX tokens by $ 25. The market value of EMRX is currently $ 0.303 according to CoinMarketCap. It has grown since the presale from $ 0.04 to $ 0.447 in early November.

What is the secret of EMRX popularity? The fact is that the Emirex Group not only leads a promising trend for asset tokenisation but also works in the most promising regions for this type of business. The greatest activity is concentrated in the Middle East in the UAE, here is the headquarters – given that in the Middle East alone, the market for assets under management is at least $ 3.5 trillion, the prospects for business growth and EMRX token rise are very large.

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