Exclusive Interview with Ian Balina in Moscow

Ian Balina, most influenced, beloved and respected crypto-guru – visited Moscow as part of his East European tour. Best ambassadors of Coinstelegram.com have had an honor to meet him and to chat. Some fragments of the interview are now offered to your attention.

Coinstelegram.com: What interesting projects have you invested in recently? What attracted you ?

Ian Balina: Of the latter, I, for example, invested in Sparkster * and I support it. Of the new projects – PDX **. He has a small cap (10.6M) and a very strong team. The project Harmony *** is also interesting, it promises 10 million TPS.

C .: What do you think about Russian ICOs?

I.B .: As for the Russian ICOs, there are strong engineers here. I travel around the world in search of good projects. Here, too, we will have project pitches, so I’m open to all projects. As for a specific project, then immediately comes to mind Credits ****, this is blockchain.

C .: Waiting for the Seventh Session of “Community Coin of the Month” on Binance – how do you think, Pundi X (NPXS) or Fusion (FSN) will win?

I.B .: Of course, Pundi X *****. This is my favorite, it will win, I’m sure. (And so it turned out, Pundi X received 41.83% of the vote, Fusion – 20.78% – editor’s not.).

C .: Your wallet was hacked some time ago, it’s hard to imagine what it was a hard experience. How did this affect you? Did you lose faith in people?

I.B .: No, on the contrary, I received tremendous support. Lot of people posted me with the words of support, offered assistance in the investigation. I experienced this humbly.

C .: You have a project in your table under the code name of Belarus. Russia and Belarus are fraternal countries. Could you say – what kind of project is it? Blockchain?

I.B .: No, of course, I can not say that. But, if you follow my Instagram, I sometimes give hints and clues. So it was on my trips to Barcelona, Bucharest.

C .: There are already a lot of blockchain projects launched, we have Ethereum, EOS, new projects Sparkster, Edenchain. When should we stop? There are too many blockchains, aren’t they?

I.B .: This is a good question. I would quote here an analogy with cars. There are cars of economy class, and from luxury segment. Fast and more comfortable – and less comfortable . So here: you need a fast blockchain – you choose the one. We need other characteristics – yet you take another one, with less cost. Therefore – why should we stop now?

Coinstelegram expresses gratitude to the organizers – CryptoBazar and personally to Oleg Ivanov and Andrey Yudin – for organizing the meeting with Ian Balina.

*) Sparkster (SPARK) is enabling everybody to build software without writing code. Then to run that software on the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud, a specialized blockchain that can support more than 10 Million TPS. Token sale: 30 June – 1 July; Token type: ERC20; ICO Token Price: 1 SPARK = 0.15 USD; Fundraising Goal: $30,000,000; Total Tokens: 435,000,000; Available for Token Sale: 67%; Whitelist, KYC since 18 June.

**) PDX (PDXC) – a public blockchain ecosystem. The ultimate goal of the PDX public blockchain is to become an organically growing trustworthiness Internet infrastructure realizing trustworthiness e-society without borders. Token sale isn’t set; token type: ERC20; Fundraising Goal: 10,800,000 USD (20,000 ETH); Total Tokens: 10,000,000,000; Available for Token Sale: 20%.

***) Harmony – Harmony Protocol aims to scale blockchain to 10M transactions/second and 100-millisecond latency. Harmony will bring 1,000x speed and capacity to the next generation of the decentralized economy, enabling marketplaces for 10B people and 100B devices. Token sale period isn’t set; Token type: OWN WALLET; Total Tokens: 21,000,000,000 Available for Token Sale: 20%.

****) Credits (CS) – Cryptocurrency and blockchain for the financial industry with more than 1 mln tx/sec and 0.01 sec for a transaction. CREDITS is a new, unique blockchain platform with absolutely new technical capabilities of the network, response time, transaction cost and the number of operations per second. Token Sale ended 18 February with $22,570,394 of $20,000,000 (113%). Returns since ICO: 1.83x USD;   3.23x ETH;   2.92x BTC.

*****) Pundi X – Empowering blockchain developers and token holders to sell cryptocurrency and services on any physical stores in the world. Token Sale                ended 21 January with$35,000,000 (100%). Returns since ICO 4.26x USD; 8.44x ETH; 7.48x BTC.

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