FlipNpik (FNP): A Way to Enrich with Crypto. Now!

FlipNpik, the blockchain-powered social media platform for local businesses, democratizes its private sale and allows everyone to get the privileges and bonuses traditionally granted to large investors (‘whales’). Now everyone can be a whale. There are three important features of this ICO, that emphasizes FlipNpik.

  1. FlipNpik is opening the private sale event to allow the masses to enjoy the privileges and bonuses that were traditionally restricted to the large investors, private institutions and VCs. Through its public private sale event, every investor will be rewarded with privileges and bonuses. To double the bonus, one has only to refer a friend. FlipNpik says: “You missed the Bitcoin wave, become a FlipNpik whale!” And to do that in a simple way – they have made low entry barrier of $100.
  2. FlipNpik forecasts a sustainable growth in the value of tokens: “We focus on the sustainable growth of our eco-system so that businesses can continue to benefit from our users and services. With the same principle the token value will grow. A unique feature of our ICO would be to set an upper purchase limit for the tokens. This is to discourage pump-and-dump of our token, a syndrome prevalent for many of the ICOs”. FlipNpik cares about eco-system and token holders.
  3. FlipNpik eliminates the barrier and facilitates for everybody to own cryptocurrency with a money transfer solution – with its fiat-based payment gateway. The project opens door wide into the crypto Universe for novices. With the fiat-based payment gateway and the user guide setting up a wallet owning cryptocurrency have never been easier. The community can subscribe in few steps to the private sale and ICO. Seasoned cryptocurrency investors will still be able to subscribe to private sale and ICO using cryptocurrency-based payments. FlipNpik summons up: “Get your first crypto with FlipNpik, easy access. Get your FNP token with FIAT!” And gives valuable advice as for stock market: “The cryptocurrency market is down – buy with fiat!”

FlipNpik really changes alignment of forces on cryptomarket – due to its CEO. Mr. Henri Harland brings finance engineering, redefining tokenomics with his expertise in traditional finance & stock markets. “You name it, he did it!” – proudly declares FlipNpik Team.

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