Game of TRON (TRX)

According to Justin Sun, who is about to have lunch with Buffett, he will be setting seven more colleagues at the table with him. And all this for the general development of crypto industry.

Justin Sun shills not only for TRON (TRX) and BiTorrent (BTT)

The record-high price for a charity lunch of $ 4.5 M may be divided into eight crypto-entrepreneurs. Just in his winning tweet, Justin Sun called on colleagues to join him in his attempt to convince Buffett to change his attitude to crypto. Now the Oracle of Omaha, at every opportunity, scolds crypto. But even if colleagues do not want to share the payment for meetup with super-investor, Justin Sun can already assume that funds were not wasted.

First, a big hype, of course, supports his TRX, while the entire market falls.

Secondly, the “pioneer investor” honors the veteran investor in such a way.

And finally, this money will be used by the GLIDE charity foundation to improve the social situation in San Francisco, where are the headquarters of TRON and BitTorrent, in which Justin Sun is also the CEO.

Justin Sun has no illusions that in 3 hours lunch he will force Buffett to turn his face towards crypto. But he believes that efforts can benefit all – institutional investors, and crypto:

– I want to become the bridge between the institutional investor – and also financial institutions and traditional investors like Warren Buffett – and the crypto community and also the blockchain industry. So that’s why I also want to bring seven leaders from the blockchain industry and communicate with Warren Buffett about blockchain technology and the opportunity behind it.

Tron founder believes that Buffet is wrong informed about crypto, and he and his colleagues will be able to bring the truth about the industry and its achievements for 10 years. Among the colleagues he intends to invite, San mentions Vitalik Buterin, CZ, Litecoin co-founder Charlie Lee. It would be a powerful team able to convince anyone in the bright future of crypto. But for the time being, the invitees themselves speak carefully and ironically.

For example, CZ warns – careful what you wish for! – and adds sarcastic:

– I guess Buffet will be eating a lunch funded by “rat poison” after all, lol. Further, what if crypto entrepreneurs buy him lunch for the next 10 years? $50m at net present value, a decent sized ICO, lol… Well, careful what you wish for!

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