Had to buy Binance Coin (BNB), not Bitcoin (BTC)

The Corn has grown 133% since the beginning of the year, from $ 3,742 to $ 8,717. In terms of profitability, it left far behind all fiat assets, with no exception. But essentially lost to the token of the Binance exchange BNB.

Not won yet

Fans of gambling often repeat saying – “If i only knew the community cards!” You couln’t know the community cards in a card game, but it would theoretically be possible to make a correct forecast for cryptocurrency. And many analysts predicted the growth of bitcoin approximately twice in six months. Predicting BNB growth was impossible. The take-off of the Binance exchange token is entirely due to the innovation of the team and the CEO of the exchange CZ (Changpeng Zhao). This is a pure example of intellect monetization.

So, BNB increased from $ 6.19 to $ 33.54, that is, by 442%. At the same time, the cryptocurrency capitalization increased even more, by 505%, from $ 782 M to $ 4,735 M. BTC cap increased “only” by 137%.

Investor Charlie Bilello decided to compare cryptocurrencies with fiat assets, popular with investors. Charlie Bilello calls himself an “investor-writer-reader-thinker who is building something new”. In any case, he really does have a new look as for a traditional trader. Although for us, the cryptocommunity, this is not a new look.

So, oil – the leader among fiat assets, showed from the beginning of the year only 27% profitability, gold 0.04%, NASDAQ 100 and S & P 500 16% and 14%, respectively. And here is the list of leaders of the crypto market:

What can you say? Cryptoinvestors will rule the world!

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Wow this is so informative im glad to have found #coinstelegram ! I have to say its a tough choice though so why not just buy both haha cant have just bitcoin you need some alt coins in the mix too !

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