Investment blockchain platform Roobee (ROOBEE)

Roobee is a blockchain-based investment platform that uses AI and transparent statistics to help people make smart investments from as low as $ 10 into previously unavailable investment products with a high and complex entry threshold. $ 10 is hardly a high threshold. Even small investors with the Roobee platform can invest in IPOs, ETFs, real estate, cryptocurrency assets, and participate in venture capital investments. Previously, it was available only to institutionalists and big investors. The project successfully conducted private sales, receiving the equivalent of $ 5.5M from well-known crypto whales. One of them is “200M_trader”, who in August 2018 invested 10,955 ETH on the pre-seed round (about $ 4.5 million); the other – one of the top 250 Bitcoin whales – instantly closed the private sale with 200 Bitcoins (about $ 1 million) before IEO.

The challenges that Roobee meets:

1) Most people in the world are not professional investors and do not understand where onу can invest free funds. The world of investment is very difficult for them. The existing infrastructure is difficult for perception: stock exchanges, investment platforms with a huge number of professional tools, “Forex brokers”, etc. Ordinary people do not want to become traders and professional investors. According to statistics, most retail investors in the stock market, practicing day trading without outside help, end up losing money. According to a Dalbar study, investors are their own worst enemies. From 1997 to 2016 the average active stock market investor earned 3.98% annually, while investing in the S & P 500 index provided a return of 10.16%. The reasons are simple: investors are trying to outwit the markets, practicing multiple sales to get huge profits. The overwhelming majority of people who are interested in investments want to spend minimal effort and live in the mode of automatic investments that generate a passive income.

2) Most people in the world cannot overcome the minimum threshold for entering a huge number of investment products into which big players and rich people invest.

3) People cannot invest systematically and regularly. A huge number of people are actively beginning to invest, but most of them stop doing this after a while. Someone forgets, someone constantly postpones “for later.” It is difficult for people to make investment decisions, especially if they have little experience. Finding the optimal entry point, the influence of the media and analysts, moments of panic in the market, doubts – all of these greatly complicates the decision. In such a situation, people tend to postpone a decision, avoid it or not invest at all.

4) People distrust traditional asset managers, traders, funds and other investment products. They want transparency.

5) Most people in the world have small capital. And they cannot diversify their investment portfolio as much as possible by incorporating a multitude of investment products from different markets.

Idea and plans

With own blockchain, Roobee creates a set of tools for the investor that complement each other and create a closed ecosystem. Today, 8 products have been announced: Roobee Network, RoobeeID, RoobeeWallet, RoobeeScore, RoobeeFin, RoobeeMarket, RoobeeTerminal, RoobeeLiquid. Each is interesting and in demand, the most important is Roobee Network, a set of keys to all RoobeeID services, a wallet. Others are portfolio management tools that increase investment efficiency by taking it to a new level using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The target audience of Roobee are the Y and Z generations (from 1981–2000, the millennium, and from 1996, homelanders). According to the UN, by 2020 they will make up 63% of consumers. Sociologists define the main feature of these generations – they used to obtain information in comfort. They are not inclined to study complex data. And also distrust traditional banks. Hence the need to simplify the frontend and complicate the backend. Roobee proposes to solve this dual problem with the help of blockchain and artificial intelligence. The blockchain will provide transparency of transactions, the AI will act as a smart consultant.

It is known that up to 90% of private investors lose money on exchanges. Roobee is not about active trading, but rather about the formation of smart and balanced investment portfolios. Roobee creates a simple and convenient investment service, in which there will be no active trading with constant tracking of quotations, speculation, stop-losses, depth of market, margin trading and other complex professional tools.

Another one fundamental idea is the elimination of the threshold of entry. Most investors do not have large capital. The Roobee platform removes the barrier for them and allows them to invest in products that were previously available only to big investors in the fiat world and in the crypto environment. With Roobee anyone with a couple of clicks can invest in a portfolio of products from different markets. This will allow one to get the maximum diversification.

Roobee will also help one to invest systematically and passively, continuing to live the life to which he was accustomed. It is enough to link a card, or send a digital currency to the decentralized Roobee wallet, determining what amount / percentage of income the user wants to invest. Roobee will automatically daily / weekly / monthly send the amount of funds selected by the user to his investment portfolio, or to the selected investment products. All this will also allow to achieve maximum averaging in the long term.


So far, the Roobee team has received a license in Estonia to store and exchange cryptocurrencies. For a long time, the Roobee business model has been tested. Based on the results obtained, the first MVP version for closed testing has already been developed.


Unlike most of the ICOs of last year, WP Roobee is notable for maximum detailing, and not so much in the description of the idea, but in the economics, from the point of view of marketing. It can convince investors much better than abstruse theories and graphs. Roobee is developing in Welthtech’s fast-growing niche, an advanced technology market that uses technology to increase investment efficiency. According to the research of Business Insider Intelligence (, robo-advisors alone will manage assets worth $ 1 trillion to 2020 and around $ 4.6 trillion – by 2022. Crypto development is expected to be even more dynamic. According to CryptoFund Research, by 2022 the volume of assets under management of crypto funds will be $ 1.6 trillion.


The project successfully conducted the first IEO on the Bitforex exchange. The next IEO will be held on June 4 at EXMO.

  • Ticker: ROOBEE
  • Standard: ERC-20
  • Total tokens: 5,400,000,000
  • IEO EXMO Price: 1 ROOBEE = $ 0.01
  • Personal crowns on crowdsale: $ 10 (min) – $ 10 K (max)

Token distribution and allocation of funds



The international team is impressive as its power and qualifications of specialists, and a variety of international experience, from the USA to Japan.

CEO Amine Berraoui has 20 years of experience and has worked with Citibank, RBS, ABN Amro and Deutschebank.

Co-founder Artem Popov – has 6 years of experience in digital, the founder of a community of more than 300,000 people. He was also famous as the creator of the popular project “Buffett’s Ten Dollars ”

As key figures for the development of the project, the team also highlights:

  • Jay Park, Business Development Advisor, with experience in international companies in the field of finance, Internet of things, security, blockchain and energy;
  • Dan Kaizer, head of Blockchain R & D, winner of prestigious ETH Waterloo Canada and Blockchain Hack in 2017, well-known in the blockchain community;
  • Salina Bo, FinTech Advisor, a venture capitalist and blockchain investor, successfully listed several projects;
  • Serj Azatyan, a strategic partner and Advisor, co-founder of Inventure Partners, a key figure in Independent Media (Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, and others);
  • Daniele Azzaro, AML / Security Advisor, member of ACAMS (Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists), 15 years of experience in strategic consulting, including Barclays, Lloyds, The Royal Bank of Scotland;
  • Evan Golovanov, Product Owner, former investment analyst at Nordea Markets with experience in FX, derivatives transactions, and project finance;
  • Albert Sagiryan, Investment and financial markets advisor. In the past the managing director at Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan.
  • Artur Stepanenko, AI / ML Data Scientist, ranked among the top 300 machine learning engineers at Google Kaggle;
  • And more than 30 people with impressive expertise.


The project is developing in the rapidly growing area of Welthtech. Including several areas at once and it can compete with existing services. Roobee has its own blockchain and AI.

The team is very impressive as for composition and expertise, with rich practical experience. Attention is paid to safety and AML.

Token’s distribution and the allocation of funds are justified and effective, confirmed by today’s practice.

Roadmap thoughtful and successfully executed. In the future, if it will be executed in the same manner, it promises a rapid expansion of Roobee in the Welthtech, and most likely – in adjacent niches.

Excellent grades from top rating agencies.Roobee has good hype and a community of over 300,000 users, all of them are potential users. There are more than 100 publications on Roobee in world media/ including Bloomberg, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Sohu, CoinTelegraph,, Reuters, Yahoo! Finance, CCN, 8btc,,, Hackernoon, RBC and many others. Roobee is also on Wikipedia.

The project is well financed due to successful private sales. Intensive product development is in progress; the first MVP version has been created.

Coinstelegram Fund’s Rating is High.

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