Interview with Evan Luthra, angel investor and Startupstudio founder from World Blockchain Summit, Bangkok

Hot news from hot Bangkok: another interview by the unrivaled CEO at Coinstelegram Agency Anna Tutova, this time – with prominent investor Evan Luthra.

Evan Singh Luthra is an accredited Angel Investor, Honorary Doctor of Science with a specialization in blockchain (UAE), the founder of He invests in various products and businesses, has invested in more than 30 companies over the past 5 years with a combined market capitalization of more than $ 1 billion. Anna Tutova met with him at the World Blockchain Summit in Bangkok, where more than 300 CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, heads of corporate blockchain divisions, innovation directors, international experts gathered recently.

– Blockchain industry in Thailand is developing more and more, and we see more and more people at the conferences. Evan, tell us, how did you get into blockchain industry?

  • I got into it because I’ve started being interested in technology space, I was among the first hundred guys to make apps for iPhone, about 30 dApps. So my first company when I was 17 was startup studio. What do we do with startup studios? Work with good ideas. There are no only ideas we invest we give them money, we give them resources, we build companies with the ground up. So eventually my own company started being in blockchain. In 2016 I set my investment bank. What we do? Work with founders of risk capital in the crypto markets and we help them risk capitalizing mass markets. We were pleased to put hundred million dollars today in different projects. The first project we did was in Bulgaria. We told investors how they could invest in projects like Ripple, Hushgraph… And – yeah! – I’m supporting blockchain firepower which is the future of blockchain as you say. Without risk team will not prove itself and – yeah – this is interesting sector! It’s 20% what I do but I jointly pursue quite a bit.

– You told that you invest some companies on idea stage. So how do you define, whether they will be successful??

  • Yes we invest on idea stages – the key is diversification. We have invested in many-many-many companies. When you invested at that stage we get to play a big influence on how that can be growing, we actually know these very well. Today on combined market cap of all companies is about a billion dollars, we have tens of millions of users, so we know how it must work, what it takes them to be successful. It’s really hard to tell the composite of work. You just have to take a first step, the hardest step. And we add them vision and resources to take the next step. What is this first step? Most companies are perfect anyway, if you get involved that early, most companies will change what they started with, but if you find the right product-market fit – you can still well with all money back.

– What is your opinion – what industries do need blockchain?

  • Blockchain is a solution to everything, that’s clear, blockchain has implication, application in very different industries. Blockchain enables better vision. For me it is rather not technology but the idea of decentralizing of the unstable system. Blockchain, tokenization allows you to distribute resources, distribute governance. If you look at that way: let’s you want to buy car, anyone to ask us what car to buy, buy Rolls Royce, buy Lamborghini, this is the best. But if Audi and BMW came up with the tokens and you have 3 Audis, I have three BMW, I would buy BMW tokens, you will buy Audi tokens.

– And now do you invest more in projects or in top cryptocurrencies?

  • I’m very highly diversified as the investor’s might biggest success is diversification: the more you diversified the more you would get. I’ve already invested in a hundred different currencies and also in a hundred different non crypto technology place: a fashion companies, hostel companies – many different things. But its I like to invest into the companies where I can get strong value. Prices is what you think you pay for values, for what you get. I like to invest in the companies where I can get strong value.

– Do you trade any currencies?

  • I don’t like trading because it needs discipline – I’m not disciplined. I’m travelling, I had a hundred flights in the last five years, I’m not in one place, I don’t have time to stay with computer. I very respect people who are trading, but I’m not.

– Thank you for the interview and good luck with your projects!

  • Thank you for inviting me. Everything now is interesting, it doesn’t matter whether in technology or anything. What’s up to me – I’m very approachable, you can reach me at All the best!

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