Sparkster (SPARK) ICO: Sparkster will build Decentralized Cloud and let everybody to be a developer

Sparkster is ready to build Decentralized Cloud with no expensive data centers. And promises to give everybody a way for realizing their ideas in digital world.


The idea of Sparkster its CEO Sajjad Daya announced as “empowering person to bring his ideas to reality by enabling him to build software without writing code, in plain English”. And then run that software on the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud, a specialized blockchain that can support more than 10 Million TPS.

As for software development – its cool idea really. Easily build Smart Software in seconds with no code, and without learning to code. Smart Software includes: AI, IOT, Multi Chain (Ethereum, IOTA, etc.), REST APIs with no code, HTML interfaces. It works as software DIY kit. It’s too impressive? But its real. One can already test it on the site with Walkthrough 1 to 6, from the very beginning to make a smart contract and a new digital currency in a matter of minutes.

And what about 10 mln transactions per sec? The secret is in that Sparkster Decentralized Cloud. As for Sajjad Daya, this cloud will be built not with expensive hardware from data centers, but with mobile phones – smartphone computers for sure. The MVP was tested on Blockchain Expo 2018 in London. And it reached… no, not 10 mln TPS. But 6,467 TPS. And Sparkster CEO said – its normal. After global smartphone network will add its power – it will reach 10 mln TPS!


Anyway – Ian Balina noticed the project and his hype is now its main asset. Because Sparkster was recognized No1 ICO at @DiaryofaMadeMan Ian Balina’s Event!



Leadership team: Indian team with Sajjad Daya as CEO; Amit Kumar as VP, Technology; Shabeer Kirmani asTech Evangalist.




Professor Gary Leavens, Chair of Computer Science Department, UCF, Expert in Computer Programming Languages.

Juan Albelo, Senior Vice President, SAP.



Ticker: SPARK

Token type: ERC20

Circulating Supply: 290,000,000

Total Tokens Supply: 435,000,000

Token Type: Utility

Technical Specifications: Initial price: $0.15

Presale Minimum Contribution: $25,000

Token Sale Date: TBA




Pros and Cons

Big Balina hype, cool idea, a specialized blockchain that can support more than 10 Million (?) TPS – so called Sparkster Decentralized Cloud.


No impressive team, advisors with no reputation in cryptoworld, long time from idea to MVP (2014 – 2018)


Fast presale company means that marketing is fabulous. And for sure crowdsale will be hot.

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