Still, Bitcoin (BTC) = $ 11K

Expectations of the Corn falling to $ 6-7 K are not justified, despite the poor effect of G20 Summit. So maybe it’s time to go ahead?

Fundamental and technical analysis for the current day

Fundamental analysis is a direct consequence of common sense. Perhaps, therefore, from 60% to 85% of the community prefer fundamental analysis over technical one. What can fundamental analysis say today on crypto? With the troubles of excessive volatility, the market shows its commitment to uptrend.

So, maybe, after all we will reach the level of $ 15K, as promised by the Winkloss brothers? Although another one crypto adept, our superman John McAfee, is convinced that the Corn is not a market indicator at all. This great old man risked a lot for crypto, and his opinion should be taken into account.

What exactly did McAfee mean, the first of alts Ethereum or something else? The old man did not specify. An analyst with a lot of experience Peter Brandt warns that Bitcoin’s behavior is very similar to that of NASDAQ on the eve of the dotcom crisis.

Another cryptoanalyst and trader, Josh Rager, also announced that he is still waiting for the Corn to fall to $ 9.5 K. The dynamics of the last days led him to this conclusion. The expert states:

– Monthly close is looking good, strong month of June, but BTC still has the ability to retrace to $9,500 in coming weeks.

To believe the cryptanalysts on the word? Come on! You’re not serious, are you? Although the same Peter Brandt insured himself by stating:

– If BTC climbs above $12,444 in the short term, then the comparison no longer applies.

We have to add 13% only!

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