Want ROI 70x?

ROI 10x is a sweet dream of crypto investor. It means you bought at $10 and sale at $100, and have 1000% return on your investment. But what about 7000%? It is attainable outcome with Master Node.

Master Node is Full Node that encourage the node operators to perform the core functions of a blockchain. It contains the full copy of a blockchain in real time which, always up and running to keep track of the transactions. Master Nodes support the network operations and relay them across networks. This is the basic function of a Master Node.

By the way any computer in bitcoin network is a node and a Full Node is a program that accepts the transactions and blocks from other full nodes, validates transactions and blocks and relays them to further nodes.

Additionally, Master Nodes communicate with each other to make a decentralized network and perform several special important functions:

  • Increasing privacy of transactions
  • Doing instant transactions
  • Participating in governance and voting
  • Enable budgeting and treasury system in cryptos

Now you see – MN is a key to functioning of crypto currency. That’s why MN operator can earn tangible money. How to be an operator? It differs from coin to coin, but same requirements are:

  • a minimum amount of coins of that particular crypto;
  • a VPS or server to host the wallet for 24×7;
  • a dedicated IP address;
  • storage space to save the blockchain.

Different cryptocurrencies have different incentive models through which an MN operator can earn a decently monthly or weekly income – as his passive income. It depends on:

  • currency;
  • incentive model of the currency (price of MN etc.);
  • value of currency and its dynamics.

Not every coin uses MN, but you have a wider choice that’s increasing. Today there are at least two main monitors: https://masternodes.pro with 99 coin and coming 18 new. And https://masternodes.online – with choice of 409 currencies:

You may see fantastic 15K% ROI but poor volume:

Or poor ROI with great volume and marketcap:


Obviously, the most attractive conditions are offered by the least reliable currencies. For investing in Master Noda, this is perhaps the main factor. After all, these investments are long-term. Quickly to jump off, killing the jackpot – will not work. As an option of earning worth exploring, it is even more advantageous if the cryptocurrency that the investor invests in allows to run the Master Node.

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