RegalX: Trading on Autopilot

Algorithmic trading implies executing orders following some set of parameters configured beforehand. The global automation in trading started when SEC decided to adopt trading using robots in 1998. After a while and with the development of technologies, algorithmic trading received many new features and became widely used.

In the 2000s, trading robots executed more than 10% of all operations, and it took about 2 seconds to complete the transaction. However, the number of transactions that proceeded with the trading bot increased 60% in the late 2000s. In 2007, trading robots received a wide application, and many companies came up with ready-made robots to serve clients worldwide, offering individually developed automated solutions. In 2012, the number of operations using bots reduced to 50% because robots started to make errors.

Now algorithmic bots became enabled with AI and machine learning, which vastly improved their performance in proceeding transactions. Due to artificial intelligence, it became possible to track and analyze the situation on the market, which helps to understand when it is suitable to close or open orders.

AI Autotrade Technology RegalX

AI Autotrade learns trading both with AI and classical trading. The developers of AI Autotrade are eager to create entirely automated bots for everyday use. They combine deep knowledge on price movements indicators and next-generation AI models that imply the following pillars: sensors, perception, planning, control.

Machine learning is supposed to repeat the way people adopt the outside world. Bots can improve while learning the market changes from the past. The key thing is the fact that the program accounts for the choice that is made and can explain the reasons.

Robots are able to perform trading in markets such as cryptomarket, fiat, stock market. The developers put the bots into the roughest and volatile situations to check their performance properly and see their behavior in different conditions. 

RegalX is a new site for completely automated trading, allowing to trade and analyze historical information. The development team has the most current knowledge of AI Regal Assets company, which stands behind RegalX, is ranked 20th among fastest-developing companies in the USA. In addition, the company has an official license for trading crypto-assets and started a partnership with Coinbase.


Electronic commerce expansion worldwide pushed the development of computing power ahead, as it started to demand more improved data processing and decision-making methods, as transactions became more complex and their volume increased.

So the technological development brought us trading robots, allowing us to automate, improve, and increase the speed of operations proceeding in everyday life, using the latest and the newest financial tools.

RegalX will definitely become a widespread platform for traders, who will finally forget about manual trading and switch to a rather convenient and profitable option equipped with AI and machine learning.