StartBlock CEO: “Blockchain, AI and IoT will create the Web 3.0 industry”

StartBlock is a major player on the blockchain field. Team’s skills were confirmed many times in international competitions of start-ups and hackathons. Coinstelegram talked with Anton Pecherkin, CEO and co-founder of StartBlock.

– What do you do?

– The main activities of the company are developing blockchain projects, writing smart contracts, creating turnkey dApps applications. We audit and develop smart contracts for Ethereum ERC20 and ERC731 from scratch to the requirements of the customer. We develop smart contracts for the EOS platform too. We carry out a technical audit of the selected technology to the requirements of the customer, in order to determine the best tools for the implementation of the project / investment. According to audit data and reports on project implementation strategies, we undertake the development and fully implement the project according to the parameters made. We follow the market and create initiative blockchain projects in applied fields: energy, pharmaceuticals, logistics.

– What do you consider your competitive advantages?

– We are a big team of blockchain-enthusiasts who are deeply interested in technology and continue developing all the time. We are distinguished by a detailed study and careful preparation of a technical task with a client, in order to implement the best structure of a smart contract and ensure maximum security. We have more than 2 years of experience in the development of blockchain projects (developer’s experience 3 to 8 years). We took part and won in more than 17 international hackathons and start-up contests from companies Waves, ERGO, CryptoBazar, NuCypher, QuarkChain, Fantom, NeuroHive, Expload, OpenTrends, Shneider Electric, Rosseti, Here, MTC, Auchan. Case studies on speak well of our competitive advantages. We also have experience in managing and developing large blockchain projects. Plus, publications and research in the field of blockchain and its applications. The main team includes 17 people, among them – blockchain developers on the platforms Ethereum, EOS, HyperLedger, Waves. Fullstack developers – frontend, backend, mobile applications. As well as developers with experience in blockchain integration with client-server applications.

– What are the customers, orders in your portfolio?

– We can say that we have three categories of orders. (1) Implementation and piloting of large projects, together with large companies and government customers. Development of blockchain architecture projects. Elaboration of the structure of interaction of participants. Phased development and implementation of the project. (2) Developing MVP / project pilots for testing customer hypotheses. Joint elaboration of requirements and implementation in the simplest form to demonstrate the functionality, for video shooting, further sale and development together with investors. (3) Development and audit of smart contracts on order, for blockchain projects and blockchain enthusiasts. Creating your own token for the project with individual functionality. Token’s Airdrop at startup. Token’s crowdsale. Bounty program. Personal account and website for a project with a turnkey smart contract connected.

– How do you evaluate ICO, IEO, STO and their prospects in 2019?

– ICO is a good way to raise funds for startups, however there are significant difficulties with legislation. Plus there were so many unregulated actions. This format requires significant refinement and modernization. IEO is an exchange-regulated fundraising method. It gives more reliable protection and regulation. In the near future, this format may be the best, as there is user confidence in the exchanges. And the fundraising itself is costlier, it forces to launch only the best projects. STO is a very good and convenient way to raise funds. However, it requires more complex preparation, and investors can only be big players. It should develop and make changes on the cryptomarket.

– Why do you believe in the prospects of the blockchain, crypto?

– The blockchain technology from the very beginning showed significant advantages in terms of data storage reliability, transparency and data decentralization. Smart contracts allow you to automate many processes as for asset swapping and fulfillment of conditions. I believe that this technology will develop more and more into new areas, introduce a spirit of trust and transparency. First of all, finance, document circulation, the sphere of conducting transactions, and logistics are in need of it. Together with the combination of new technologies – Blockchain, AI and IoT – the Web 3.0 industry can be created. A blockchain can provide trust between people when sharing information, and AI and IoT can help collect and send reliable information to the blockchain. Cryptoeconomics is also growing and developing, more and more projects that specialize in narrow problems and provide the best solution, occupying a niche and deriving it from universal projects, such as Ethereum. So, the company Binance focused on creating tokens and more reliable and simple implementation algorithms. EOS – at a higher transaction rate. But for now, Ethereum still remains the most complete and secure platform for smart contracts and dApp.

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