Airdrop Coinstelegram (CTM) – the last deadline is July 21!

Dear friends, as part of our bounty campaign, Coinstelegram conducts airdrop of CTM tokens. As in any bounty campaign, we proposed to fulfill several simple conditions in order to get 30 CTM (0.3 ETH).

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control (bot attack), many of the participants did not provide the results of their participation in the table:

Without this information, we could not assess the fairness of the participants. No data – no CTM tokens. This is a tough, but certainly fair decision. It will be a pity if you do not receive your 0.3 ETH (a week ago it was $ 100) just because you were too lazy to enter information about your participation. The latest of deadline is July 21!

For reference:

Coinstelegram Group is an influential themed media, foundation and marketing agency. Authority and stable partnerships make it possible to list CTM tokens on several exchanges from TOP-100. The CTM token can also be useful in other applications, in particular:

  1. Payment for placing information on the sites,, according to the price list – up to 100% of the cost, but not less than 100 CTMs.
  2. Pay up to 90% of the cost of traffic campaigns for Coinstelegram Media customers, including campaigns on Facebook and Google – for an amount not exceeding $ 50K.
  3. Payment of up to 90% of the cost of listing on the Coinstelegram Group partner exchanges, amounting to no more than $ 100K (what exchanges? – please check by E-mail

Additional CTM tokens can be purchased by sending the required amount of ETH to the smart contract Coinstelegram. Smart contract automatically makes the sale of a token at a price of 0.01 ETH per token:

And you can get 30 CTM for free on your wallet – if you have fulfilled the conditions of the Airdrop and have entered your data before July 21 in the table:

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