Airdrop of the week: Dragon Option (DRAGON)

Airdrop Dragon Option is a real opportunity not only to get funds – 1500 DRAGON, but also to use them immediately, and even check your trader’s gut.

Serious Dragon Option Game on EOS

Dragon Option is a decentralized guessing game on the EOS blockchain, the essence of which is to guess the price movement of an asset on a short term. You can guess the price movement of the selected asset or the price movement in the currency pair for a short period, two options – up or down.

All betting history is saved and can be checked.

For the game, as well as for airdop, you need an EOS wallet, desktop or in an application such as Token Pocket, MEET.ONE or EOS Lynx. The DRAGON token is listed on the leading EOS exchanges Newdex, WhaleEx, Chaince.

Money from the sky

Airdrop Dragon Option can be named as a classic one, without extra tasks. Tokens can even be received in parts. To get 1500 DRAGON tokens (about $ 3), it’s enough to:

Plus 100 DRAGON per referral, and their number is not limited. It is not necessary to play the game. But it is imperative to have an EOS wallet and “keep up appearances” – do not create multiple accounts. Although KYC is not required for this airdrop.

Campaign duration – until July 21, 2019. Tokens will be sent within two weeks after the campaign ends. You can fill in the form for participation here, E-mail and nicknames in Telegram and Twitter are required.

Attn.! Max number of participants is 10 K.

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