Bgogo (BGG) launches BGG’s Genesis Mining event on September 15, lists the BGG/BTC and BGG/ETH trading pairs the next day

Bgogo (BGG) is the first digital asset exchange featuring supernode listing authority, designed to list the most high-quality and promising digital assets.

On September 13, Bgogo (BGG) announced it will launch its 24-hour Genesis Mining event of BGG at 20:00 (UTC+8), September 15th, 2018. Each user’s Genesis Mining allocation will be independent to each other.

Detailed Rules:

  • BGG private sale price is 1ETH = 66,666 BGG.
  • Only the Genesis Mining White List users are permitted to participate the Genesis Mining.
  • Users that attend Genesis Mining MUST PASS KYC verification before Genesis Mining begins.
  • Users will be notified on the platform once the upper limit of their total allocation is reached. Transactions conducted after notification will be charged the normal trading fee of 0.10% but will NOT be eligible for BGG token refund.
  • All trading fees charged during Genesis Mining, estimated to be more than 2000 ETH, will be used to repurchase BGG for the first day of trading the BGG pair on market.

On September 14, the Bgogo team announced that Bgogo will officially list the BGG/BTC and BGG/ETH trading pairs at 20:00 on September 16th, 2018. These pairs will be available immediately after the closure of Genesis Mining. The Bgogo Platform will provide BGG deposit and withdrawal services one week after the official listing of the BGG trading pairs.

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