Bitfinex lists ORS Group (ORS), CommerceBlock (CBT), Polymath (POLY), Fusion (FSN), Auctus (AUC)

The ORS Group (ORS) is a software company of more than 100 IT developers and scientists. ORS Group has developed the concept of Hypersmart Contracts, or intelligent connectors which (1) activate A.I. algorithms to solve complex efficiency problems utilizing data stored on-chain by independent, decentralized organizations; and (2) can release instant crypto payments.

CommerceBlock (CBT) is a public blockchain infrastructure company building a suite of tools for traditional asset markets to leverage the highly flexible and powerful qualities of blockchain based digital asset protocols.

Polymath (POLY) provides a decentralized protocol for trading security tokens by enabling individuals and institutions to participate in a wide range of Security Token Offerings (STOs), using their identity, residency and accreditation status.

Fusion (FSN) is an inclusive public blockchain that provides the infrastructure and architecture for fully fledged financial functions on the blockchain.

Auctus (AUC) is a platform allowing users to create diversified retirement portfolios whilst aiming to bring retirement savers from around the world into a dedicated community.

Today, June 14, a cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex lists ORS Group (ORS), CommerceBlock (CBT), Polymath (POLY), Fusion (FSN) and Auctus (AUC) on its platform.

ORS, CBT, POLY, FSN and AUC trading starts at 4:30PM UTC today.

All 5 recently listed tokens will be tradable against BTC, ETH & USD. Margin trading & funding will be enabled gradually as the order book gains sufficient liquidity.

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