Coinbase published five core principles for its institutional business

On August 20, the Coinbase team published a set of core principles that will guide their institutional business.

  • Principle One: Operate a fair and orderly market

Coinbase’s commitment: Coinbase will provide protections and active monitoring of market activity to ensure the establishment, operation and ongoing supervision of a healthy market.

  • Principle Two: Protect the customers with institutional-grade infrastructure and processes

Coinbase’s commitment: Coinbase will provide the highest levels of protection to its customers. This includes institutional-grade cybersecurity, compliance, onboarding processes and operating standards.

  • Principle Three: Enforce transparent market rules and governance

Coinbase’s commitment: All market participants will have consistent access to current market rules, including a market rulebook, developed specifically for the unique structure and dynamics of crypto assets.

  • Principle Four: Provide fair access to all market participants

Coinbase’s commitment: All participants will have the same rule set applied to them, with market access offered in an equal and transparent way across Coinbase’s platforms and customer base.

  • Principle Five: Publicly disclose listing practices and market rules

Coinbase’s commitment: The Coinbase team will add new assets and instruments in a clear and transparent way.

“This set of fundamental beliefs will act as our North Star as we design, develop, and operate our products. Ultimately, we intend for these core principles to drive us toward our goal of operating the most trusted venue for storing, trading, and interacting with the world of cryptocurrency”, – wrote the Coinbase team in the blog.

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