Coinstelegram Helps to Restore Notre Dame

It is no exaggeration to say that every member of crypto community took to heart the tragedy in Paris. Notre Dame de Paris belongs to modern civilization and has come down to us in 9 centuries of modern history. The beginning of its construction is far 1163. The Cathedral was built through 200 years. It survived all world wars, the Great French Revolution, the Nazi occupation of Paris. Notre Dame was a source of inspiration for the creators of the sublime masterpieces, the great Victor Hugo, the author of the novel of the same name, and the authors of the musical of the same name, which triumphantly passed around the world.

Therefore, crypto community cannot stay away from the tragedy of the loss of this value. We decided to raise funds for the restoration of Notre Dame de Paris in its original form. Notre Dame de Paris belongs to everyone. And we all are responsible for it’s fate. According to the initial data, the fire destroyed 2/3 of the roof. The ancient oak Gothic spire of the 12th century is lost. The crowning copper cock is melted. But the belfry with the main bell weighing 13 tons, ancient stained-glass windows, the organ and mainly the structure of the building are survived. And also they managed to save the relics stored in Notre Dame. In particular, the crown of thorns of Christ and the bronze statues of the apostles. This gives us the hope that the Cathedrall will be restored in its original form as we had known it. And can be passed to next generations – the Crypto generations.

Coinstelegram invites everyone to participate in the fundraising for the restoration of Notre Dame de Paris. We collect online money, cryptocurrency, which today already has a wide circulation almost everywhere in the world. Every inhabitant of the Earth, thanks to crypto, can become a participant in the restoration of the world value, Notre Dame de Paris. The Bitcoin exchange rate today is an average of $ 5,200 per Bitcoin (BTC). Ethereum (ETH) rate is about $ 166 for one ETH. Money can be transferred to special wallets opened by the Coinstelegram and Coinstelegram Fund to raise funds for the restoration of Notre Dame de Paris:

BTC: 1KWnd4BRrqw3qKv3foYRHknC91Kxy4i7Bp

ETH: 0xA1C569F88FcDd591D1356231013474FD64745C16

For those who have not dealt with crypto: e-wallet opens in seconds, it does not require special knowledge. The transfer takes place in a few minutes. You can deposit money to the wallet in any convenient way, including by buying cryptocurrency from a bank account or from a bank card. All transfers in crypto space are transparent and easy to track. Coinstelegram guarantees the transfer of funds to the municipality of Paris. May God bless all who respond! We live not only for ourselves, but for future generations too.

Photo courtesy of K. Korzhevich

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