Dacxi sells its DAC coins (DAC) for a Bitcoin (BTC) exchange rate of $10 000

Dacxi, a community exchange for the buying, selling, and trading of cryptocurrencies, uses its ICO to fight the crypto market depression. The platform offers the incredible exchange rate for one week to make a powerful statement: Dacxi believes in the future of cryptocurrencies. The exchange sells its DAC coins for a Bitcoin exchange rate of $10 000.

Dacxi significantly simplifies the process of crypto investment. The community exchange has created the self-learning community which provides its users with several options for learning the crypto sphere. The members of this community get access to crypto courses and interaction with outstanding experts. The Dacxi ecosystem also includes the community exchange that makes investing in cryptos simple and understandable.

The Dacxi ICO started on the 11th of June. The stakes are high for Dacxi: they are selling $1 million DAC coin for a Bitcoin exchange rate of $10,000. This offer will also be available for Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Fiat. The exclusive sale terms will be available for seven days beginning the July 6, 2018.

Dacxi team believe Bitcoin price will demonstrate growth – and they act like it has already happened. It may be a risky business decision, but this is one of the moves which bring the crypto depression to its end.

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I like this a lot. Simple exchange for normal people. News and answers for all tiers of investors and verified ICOs. What more do you want?! 🙂

Mainstream adoption problem is the next big problem. Any business that can solve it will be the next google

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