Earn More Than in a Bank With Special Programs From TFS Token

The Fairspin iGaming platform offers the Play to Earn and Hold to Earn programs for extra crypto income.

Crypto is no longer a buzzword. With advantages no traditional payment methods can match, digital currencies are permeating every leading industry. The integration of crypto has revolutionized the iGaming sphere and presented players with new ways to get rewarded.

The leading Fairspin casino introduced two special programs centered around its native TFS Token. Now, users can earn from playing regardless of the gaming outcome and earn passive income risk-free.

“Rewards in TFS await players at every corner! They receive rakeback for playing games and can multiply their tokens through staking”, says Fairspin’s Community Manager, Poly.

The Play to Earn program guarantees rakeback for every bet in games. Whether winning or losing, players still earn a certain percentage of what they placed. The rakeback sum depends on the game type; for example, it is 0.2% for slots and 0.03% for instant win games.

Moreover, the more rakeback players earn, the higher their level within Fairspin’s 10-level loyalty program. Each level brings more benefits, like increased cashback and staking limit coefficient.

The ultimate “VIP Club Platinum Card” level offers 10% daily cashback with no wager, 5% weekly cashback with no wager, 50% weekly cashback with a 60x wager, and a staking limit equaling Play to Earn × 15,000.

The Hold to Earn program allows users to generate passive income by staking their TFS for specific periods – there are plans for 8 hours, 1 day, and 3 days. When the staking period is over, a holder gets a part of the general casino’s profit per their share.

The incentive offers payouts unmatched by any other iGaming token. Holders’ annual average APR is a hefty 500%, and the daily APR can reach 21%. Besides, Fairspin’s staking is risk-free, as holders get their deposit back even if the platform does not earn income during their staking.

Fairspin’s incentives are a win-win for the casino and its users. Players can boost their crypto without risk or effort, whereas the platform grows a loyal audience worldwide. Sign up at Fairspin and watch your crypto multiply!

About Fairspin

Founded in 2018, Fairspin is an industry-leading online casino ensuring unprecedented transparency through blockchain. 8,850+ games, loaded promotions, and so much more have made Fairspin the most talked-about casino in 2024.