Exclusive: Coinstelegram at Korea Blockchain Week (KBW 2019)

Coinstelegram team took part in the prestigious Korea Blockchain Week. Among speakers at KBW 2019 there are many brilliant names of crypto world, including Vitalik Buterin and Mike Govogratz.

Vitalik Buterin is undoubtedly one of the highest and most welcome guests at Korea Blockchain Week. Chatting with him is the goal of each participant. Nevertheless, Coinstelegram COO Alex White (Alexander Belov) found a special approach, so the exchange of views with Buterin turned out to be frank and informative. Alex White may have been the first in the history of crypto to thank Buterin for creating Ethеreum. And he admitted that ETH was his first cryptocurrency. Coinstelegram executive tried to find out from the guru of the cryptoworld how he relates to the rise of cryto adaptation, noting that he even bought tickets to Korea using the cryptocurrency payment application.

Vitalik Buterin agreed that this is important, but still remained true to himself and drew attention to the importance of Ethereum as a platform for smart contracts:

– I think cryptocurrency itself has a lot of nice cases. I remember that like sometimes when my credit card didn’t work I’d applied to cryptocurrency wallet. It’s a personal problem. But that is your problem. You know there is a bigger problem like payments in the countries of Africa, developing countries or in countries like Palestine. Or people who work for software companies and they want to get money back home… Or to pay for event services… I think it is good for smaller application like to buy tickets … Bur with smart contacts we have bigger contracts, where big transactions are being made automatically and much easier. I think things like that are important too.

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