Exclusive: Interview with Startup CEO, the Winner at CryptoFin

CryptoFin, the largest blockchain and cryptocurrency conference in Northern Europe, was recently held in Tallinn. Coinstelegram supported the event and provided an award to one of three winners of the Start-up pitch competition.

Coinstelegram has provided a marketing kit for Valega Chain from Finland. Valega Chain Analytics have made it easier for everyone to analyze and prevent illegal activities in crypto and blockchain related transactions. By offering both corporate and private customers easy-to-use compliance tools to analyze transactions and addresses, Valega Chain Analytics promote greater transparency and security within the blockchain.

Sven Martinsson, CEO of Valega Chain, shared his impressions of participating in the contest.

– Was it the intense competition between start-ups?

– There were many projects pitching and some of them were really really good. When looking back, we were indeed a bit nervous seen as we were a compliance tool. The jury were also brutal at times and it felt like pitching to the shark tank.

– Why did you win, to your mind? What are your competitive advances?

– I believe we won because we were consistent in our pitch and managed to highlight a very important issue. The regulations that are coming to the European stage, 5AMLD are gonna shake some things up and the need to be fully compliant is important for the advancement of the crypto and blockchain community as a whole. I believe we won also because of our more personalized approach to the companies. Rather than just saying “Here is a tool, pay me and good luck!”, we actually work together with the companies, are flexible in how we do things to offer the best possible all around service when talking about AML and KYC.

– What are bonuses of that victory for your project?

– The victory was for us an important milestone, especially for the team. We have spent a long time developing the tool, studying the market and seeing what’s important. Winning this shows us as a team that we are definitely on the right track and that we are doing something important. Now that we wish to really commercialize in Europe as well as provide good means for Russia and Asia overall to do easy business, safely with European customers, this can also show that we are not kidding around even though we are a small start-up. The victory also provided us with means to find good partnerships as well as strengthen our current one with Zignsec who are our KYC team.

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