GoChain (GO) won round 9 of Binance’s “Community Coin of the Month”

From August 27 at 10:00 AM (UTC) till August 31 10:00 AM (UTC) a cryptocurrency exchange Binance held round 9 of “Community Coin of the Month”.

The nominees were:

  • Byteball (GBYTE)
  • Cortex (CTXC)
  • Everipedia (IQ)
  • GoChain (GO)
  • MediBloc (MEDX)

On August 31, the voting ended. According to the voting, GoChain (GO) became the winner of round 9 Community coin of the month. The coin won with 1828 votes (46,67%).

On September 4, Binance announced that it had weighed all factors in the voting process and filtered for oddities according to the community vote rules. After these steps Binance announced the winner of round 9 – GoChain (GO).

As we remember, round 8 was not smooth. According to the voting results, Mithril (MITH) became the winner of round 8 of “Community Coin of the Month”. However, after Binance weighed all factors in the voting process and had also applied a consistent methodology across all candidate votes to filter for oddities according to Binance’s community vote rules, the winner of round 8 became Polymath (POLY).

As a winner of round 9, GO has been awarded a free listing placement on Binance. The exchange will make a further announcement regarding the listing time at a later date.

Binance also launched Lucky Draw for round 9. According to the rules, Binance will place an additional 1,500 BNB into the Lucky Draw pool. With 3,917 total voters, this brings the total pool for the Lucky Draw to 1,891.7 BNB.

The exchange will draw 500 winners in a live-stream for the Lucky Draw at 2018/09/05 7:00 AM (UTC), with all winners equally splitting the 1,891.7 BNB pool.

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