Poloniex announces new mobile apps, service and infrastructure improvements

On October 9, the Poloniex team announced a new mobile app for crypto exchange Poloniex to allow existing customers, on iOS or Android, to trade easily and get the benefit of Poloniex anywhere and anytime.The new app is localized and available in 9 languages.

In addition to trading, the new app includes a better mobile-based identity, verification and login process.

The Poloniex team also announced service and infrastructure improvements of Poloniex and provided a snapshot of some of the improvements they had made:

  • Reduced the backlog of support tickets by 97% with a goal to resolve all outstanding tickets by the end of the year.
  • Invested in Customer Support capabilities, including responding to more than 80% of new inquiries same-day, and resolving open tickets in half the time as was done previously.
  • Bolstered the crypto asset storage and wallet infrastructure, which has dramatically improved deposit and withdrawal reliability.
  • Liberated $12 million in trapped funds back into customer wallets.
  • The team also took steps to keep abreast with the evolving regulatory environment, by announcing that they are going to be removing the margin and lending products for US-based customers.
  • Rebuilt the customer onboarding and identity verification process, leading to a much more seamless and fast onboarding and verification experience.

The Poloniex team also announced they created the “Circle Asset Framework” to provide developers, the market and ecosystem with a clear articulation of the criteria they are applying in evaluating listings in their products.

Poloniex listed 6 new assets (EOS, SNT, KNC, BAT, LOOM, QTUM) and a new fiat stablecoin, USDC. The exchange also delisted 18 assets that did not meet the criteria of the Circle Asset Framework.

The Poloniex team added they had improved the API to allow for private real-time updates of customer positions and orders.

“As customers of Circle and Poloniex, we are both thankful for your business and hopeful that you can continue to provide us with feedback and input on how we can improve our products”, – wrote the team.

14 replies on “Poloniex announces new mobile apps, service and infrastructure improvements”

How long will Poloniex continue adding new shit coins? They reallu do not understand that users don’t need this

That’s fatuous to expect poloniex recognizing their faults and answer for the current situation. They already have found the guilty

Poloniex’s customer support is their image and it’s very dirt and rude to all clients

all those promotions of Poloniex app look pretty pitiful, they rly think someone’s going to use their glitchy program? no way in hell man

Poloniex upgraded their app. What about upgrading their attitude and stop telling so many lies

I’ll better go to the casino than invest in poloniex. I have a chance to win smth with the first one

with all the news about Poloniex falling apart, id rather be rather around this exchange or the app that its got since they can just crash my trades at the worst possible moment…

Can you believe that the poloniex app will verify you in 30 minutes? Who is inventing all this utopic announcements?

poloniex is the most damnable platform ever. this won’t stop until people don’t get satisfaction or poloniex will disappear

Poloniex want us to ignore their serious problems that’s why instead of giving explications they just bomb us with “sensational” news and innovations

I wont believe a single word from Poloniex and its’ management, the platform is full of lies

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