TV provider Dish accepts Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments from customers

Dish, one of the most popular television providers in the United States, became the first TV provider to take in Bitcoin (BTC) payments in 2014.

According to an announcement made by the company on August 9, it is now also the first-ever TV provider to accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

The company managed to do this through a partnership with BitPay, a streamlined payments provider for both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

“We’ve added Bitcoin Cash just as we chose to accept Bitcoin to serve customers who have adopted a new way of doing business. We have a steady volume of customers paying with cryptocurrency each month, and BitPay will allow us to continue offering more choice and convenience to our customers,” – said Dish CEO John Swieringa.

According to BitPay, Dish will be migrating its BTC integration to the partner’s platform as well, lifting the burden of payment processing away from the TV provider.

It is very likely that BitPay integration will enable Dish to process its customers’ transactions much quicker, providing a more steady experience for those who choose to pay their TV bills using this method.

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