Expert: Rumors of the demise of altcoins are greatly exaggerated

The continued growth of Bitcoin Dominance makes us suspect that altcoins will forever leave the market. An early crypto investor, Arianna Simpson, claims that this is not so, that rumors of the demise of altcoins are greatly exaggerated.

The expert admits that the Corn beat everyone this year. But it’s stupid to expect that this will always be (“Expecting that this will always be the case (or that holding only BTC is the right move) strikes me as foolish.”) Arianna Simpson states:

– Those who have been in this space for many years should recall that this is by no means the first time the pendulum has swung back and forth – in 2017 bitcoin was old news and it was all the shiny new layer1s that were going to take over the world. In reality, ETH was a better performing investment for many (even when considering the major correction of 2018!) than BTC was. So BTC remains king, but discounting everything else is silly.

The crypto industry today employs a lot of qualified teams; they will certainly produce good products. And this, not to mention the fact that different blockchains are focused on different tasks. Arianna Simpson also notes that altcoins do not compete with bitcoin, even if it is established in the status of digital gold. Other blockchains with much higher performance will be used for computing, storage, etc. (There is no reason other cryptonetworks cannot own other categories -compute, storage, etc etc.).)

All this is true, but if we talk about finances, then speculators are primarily concerned about volatility and the opportunity to make money on it, and so far it is Bitcoin that promises more substantial earnings. Although, of course, this will not always be the case. It is not clear only when this “not always” will begin. And at what level does digital gold stop. Recently the stability level looms at half the historical maximum, that is $ 10 K.

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