The 3rd Public Announcement of Attendees at the World Investment Forum to be held in Busan, South Korea in October

From top left to right: Chairman Munir Ahmad, CEO Anna Tutova, Co-Founder Alexander Belov, CEO Rico Pang, CEO Melanie Mohr, CEO Mru Patel, Dr. Mihaela Ulieru, Co-Founder Saul Tarazona (‘Pave the Path’ provided)

The following is the third list of participants confirmed to participate in the World Investment Forum, an investment event in Busan, Korea scheduled to be held in October.

Munir Ahmad is the chairman of Aspire World Investment (AWI), a company that makes enormous capital investments in infrastructure, industrial, corporate, commerce, academic, energy, environmental & MSME sectors. The investment scale reaches 12.6 billion dollars, and it is known as the second-largest investment company in Dubai.

Anna Tutova is CEO at Coinstelegram Agency. She is in charge of business development for the IOS Startup AllianceAPI and provides platforms for smart cities and biotechnology. Additionally, she made significant contributions to attracting investments for the Coinstelegram Fund, which invested into such projects as Perlin, EdenChain, Elysian, etc.

Alexander Belov is co-Founder of Coinstelegram fund and Coinstelegram media. Alex graduated from the Higher School of Economics which is the top university in Russia. He took part in Coinstelegram’s investments in such crypto projects as POA network, Perlin, EdenChain.

Rico is the Co-founder and Global Managing Partner of Sanctum Global Ventures. He has over 15 years of experience in emerging markets and has influenced industries such as real estate, e-commerce, fintech, and private equity.

Melanie Mohr is the CEO of WOM Protocol. The WOM protocol is a network platform with over 900 brands and hundreds of thousands of creators and authenticators, including Adidas. She is the Global Chair of the prestigious H2 network from Silicon Valley.

Mru Patel is the CEO of eWealthTech. He has over 30 years of experience in Technology, Property investments, and development. He also has over 20 years of experience with Blue Chip organizations like IBM, Sun Microsystems (Oracle), and Siemens.

Mihaela Ulieru is the CEO of the IMPACT. she advocated successfully at the World Economic Forum for the inclusion of Blockchain among the Top 10 future and emerging technologies in 2016. She has been involved in Industrial Informatics, the Future of Medicine, Self-Organizing Security, the EnergyWeb, Global Manufacturing Systems, and Sustainable Personal Living Technologies through strategic partnerships and networks.

Saul Tarazona is co-founder of LGR crypto bank and also an Aeronautical engineer with 13 years of experience. He worked for five governments, (US, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, and some African countries) in innovation strategy and emerging technologies. He has an MBA degree from Coventry University and is a pioneer in Blockchain technology.

The World Investment Forum, which will be held in Busan, South Korea in October 2020, will cover a variety of topics and will lead to Jeju Island, Korea in 2021, and Paju, Korea in 2022. They have big goals of the redevelopment of the North Port, construction of a gateway airport in southeastern Korea, and attracting the 2030 Expo in Busan, Korea. In addition, they will achieve to establish a medical-specialized global tourist attraction in Jeju Island, Korea, and achieving economic openness in South Korea and North Korea using the geographical characteristics of Paju, Korea. This is expected to have a great impact on Korea’s economic growth in the future.

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