YouToken — First Blockchain Crowdfunding Platform Announces Its Proof-of-Concept Crowdsale and Marketplace Release

YouToken (blockchain crowdfunding platform) announces its Proof-of-Concept crowdsale (starting March 16th, 2018) and launches its platform (beta) on April 1st, 2018. The pre-sale stage is currently live.

New York, New York — March, 2018

YouToken is currently at its pre-sale stage. On March 16th, 2018 YouToken will begin its Proof-of-Concept crowdsale stage where the business will offer its tokens to early adopters for the price of $0.10/token. The purpose of the Proof-of-Concept stage is to form a community of early adopters to ensure extreme interest in blockchain crowdfunding.

On April 1st, YouToken will introduce the beta version of its platform to the world. The YouToken platform is based on Ethereum blockchain. It is one of the few platforms that is going to be compliant with security token regulations.

About YouToken

YouToken is a unique blockchain-based crowdfunding platform. YouToken’s unique brand of blockchain-based crowdfunding aims to convert “human intelligence” into a financial asset. To accomplish this goal, YouToken connects investors with entrepreneurs via crypto tokens while also making entrepreneurship accessible to everyone and trustworthy once again for investors.

The YouToken team members come from strong backgrounds in the FinTech, Digital Media, and Crypto/Blockchain fields. Together, they’ve built the online trading firms Forex Club and Libertex, created the online media resource Investory, and designed over a hundred smart contracts for reputable blockchain and ICO projects like ICObazaar and TargeAd.

YouToken brings a unique competitive edge that others in its market lack. For one, YouToken is specifically designed to help and engage entrepreneurs in a more efficient manner. The platform includes a variety of tools that not only help bring an entrepreneur’s idea to life but also promote sustainable growth far beyond the earliest stages of development.

YTN is the general token that represents the platform in its entirety. The value of the YouToken platform is represented by YTN which is a tradable asset.

The YouToken marketplace is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that allows investors to connect directly with entrepreneurs in a decentralized fashion.

Inside the platform, investors can purchase an entrepreneur’s token (YTN_creatorname). Entrepreneurs can sell their creator tokens in exchange for financial support from investors, while investors get the chance to contribute to an entrepreneur at the early stage of his/her success. The value of each entrepreneur is expressed in YTN_creatorname (e.g. YTN_elonmusk, YTN_billjobs).

The connection between an investor and entrepreneur is established with one of four unique smart contracts (donation, debt, revenue share, and equity). This gives investors more choices on how they invest and allows them to maximize their chances of receiving a high return.

Creator tokens are personal tokens that are issued to each entrepreneur once he/she starts his/her first project. YTN_creatorname works for a person in the same way a stock works on the stock market for a company. As the value of a creator’s idea goes up, so does the value of his/her YTN_creatorname token. As a result, the investor, the entrepreneur, and the platform on the whole benefit from the growth of this asset. The overall value of the YouToken platform increases with the quality and quantity of its entrepreneurs.

YouToken is working on establishing its hybrid legal structure to comply with security token regulations. The business is planning to meet all the necessary regulatory obligations.

To learn more about YouToken and participate in the pre-sale and Proof-of-Concept crowdsale stages, please visit the YouToken website:

To learn more about YouToken’s background and future development plans, or to book an interview, please contact Ivan Kv at +1 917-822-7648, email, or visit the website at

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