Blockcloud (BLOC) announces Game Quiz and Blockcloud Planet launch

Blockcloud (BLOC) is an innovative IoT blockchain architecture connecting every dots of your life. The period of Blockcloud token sale isn’t set yet.

On August 8, the Blockcloud team announced the Game Quiz, by joining which you will get credits. If you get the right answers you will get more credits. The credits you get will win you the chance to join Blockcloud.
Time of Game Quiz: 3:00-4:00 pm, August 9 (GMT+8 Beijing).
Channel: Discussion
For more information about the quiz, check the poster:

“Join the Game Quiz and show us how much you know about the project and how much you care about it”, – writes the Blockcloud team.

Blockcloud is also going to launch the Blockcloud Planet (Blockcloud community website), in which you can gain credits via different ways every single day and all the credits will be ranked. Your credits of the Game Quiz will be integrated into the system as well. The top ones (number to be confirmed) on the ranking will join Blockcloud.