What Exactly is an AirDrop?

An AirDrop is a revolutionary method employed by blockchain startups to distribute free tokens to a targeted audience. Think of it as a digital giveaway where users receive tokens simply for participating or meeting certain criteria. This innovative approach allows projects to boost community engagement while putting their tokens in the hands of potential supporters.


Hot Airdrops


Welcome to Rainbow Points – a pivotal step in involving the community in the future success of Rainbow. Today, every Ethereum user receives a generous drop of points 🌈. Users are encouraged to claim their points and explore additional earning opportunities by engaging in familiar onchain activities. It’s an exciting moment for the community as Rainbow Points pave the way for increased participation and rewards in the blockchain space.

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Supra, a team of blockchain experts, is dedicated to enhancing blockchain speed, security, and accessibility. Their innovations include novel consensus mechanisms for swift 2-3 seconds to finality. Supra facilitates developer access to off-chain and cross-chain data, aiming to contribute to a more efficient and decentralized future after 5+ years of research.

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Futureverse, a pioneer in AI and metaverse technologies, is offering a unique opportunity with a $60,000 token airdrop. Engage in Zealy quests, complete tasks to earn XPs, and stand a chance to win up to $2,000 worth of ROOT tokens for the top 1,000 participants. Additionally, the first 2,000 creating a FuturePass will receive an extra 10 USDT each. Join Futureverse in shaping the metaverse experience and seizing token rewards!

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EtherMail, the Web 3.0 email solution, offers anonymous, encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication. Bridging web 2.0 and 3.0, it returns inbox control to users. Enjoy P2P anonymity and get rewarded for inbox engagement. Join the airdrop for 250 EMC on sign-up, plus 250 EMC per referral, later converted to $EMT post-launch. Experience secure, incentivized communication with EtherMail.

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