Press Release

Roger Ver, CEO of, and COO, Mate Tokay, Joined Azbit Advisory Board

We are elated to announce that Roger Ver, CEO of and Mate Tokay, COO of are joining Azbit as Advisors!

Since Azbit has succeeded in presenting the project for the first time at the Consensus New York 2018, the team of associates is constantly growing. Industry professionals, blockchain enthusiasts and thought leaders support the project. Professionals and experts from around the world join Azbit team, and one thing unites all of them: the confidence in the success of the project, which provides the industry with something really new. Azbit is offering a unique combination of the most popular and in-demand financial services: blockchain banking together with an in-built multi-exchange and investment platform.

Roger Ver and Mate Tokay are always on top of things and have a good eye for the major upcoming industry trends – сertainly, this was the beginning of the significant cooperation. Azbit advisors’ boundless knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain will raise the project to the new level and offer the customers a truly great product.

The strongest aspects of the Azbit project:

  • Truly new idea of combining the most popular and in-demand  financial services that currently exist separately.
  • Azbit has obtained a securities exemption from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under Rule 506(c) of Regulation D. The project also has a Payment Institution license in the Czech Republic (in the E.U.)
  • The project has a real, functioning MVP: Azbit’s multi-cryptocurrency exchange is based on the Bitsane crypto exchange, which has been successfully operating since 2016 with more than $2,000,000 in daily transaction volume.

On September 1st, Azbit got off to a successful launch: Private sale is already underway. Pre-ICO starts on October 1st, and the ICO itself on November 1st. Early investors can get the maximum bonus.