QuarkChain (QKC) is now open source

QuarkChain (QKC) is a peer-to-peer transactional system that aims to achieve million of transactions per second.

On September 18, the project’s team announced that “QuarkChain is now open source”.

According to the announcement, open source allows everyone who is interested and has the willingness to contribute to the development of QuarkChain to have the access to the codes, modify the codes, and enhance the codes freely.

“Meantime, we also welcome and encourage all the developers to build your own vertical chain and dApps on top of QuarkChain”, – adds the team.


  • Cluster implementation allowing multiple nodes to work together as a single full node
  • State sharding dividing global state onto independent processing and storage units allowing the network capacity to scale linearly by adding more shards
  • Cross-shard transaction allowing native token transfers among shard chains
  • Adding shards dynamically to the network
  • Support of different mining algorithms on different shards
  • P2P network allowing clusters to join and leave anytime
  • Fully compatible with Ethereum smart contract

The QuarkChain implementation being open sourced is written in python. The development of the Go version is under planning.

The source code is located at