John McAfee announces creation of the alliance to fight corruption in crypto community

John McAfee, a British-American computer programmer and crypto enthusiast, announced the creation of “McAfee Alliance” to fight corruption in the crypto community. He calls on the support for coins which have decided to delist from corrupt centralized exchanges.

McAfee guarantees listing on CoinBene and other exchanges for projects that believe they are listed on a corrupt crypto exchange.

The crypto enthusiast promises to reveal projects that chose to move from corrupt centralized exchanges to CoinBene.

“We start with Apollo, one of the best anonymous coins. Apollo make a lot of sacrifices, refusing to be listed on crypto exchanges which it considers to be corrupt”.

Crypto exchange CoinBene, which became the first partner of the McAfee Alliance, took first place in terms of trading volume several times this June, according to Coinmarketcap, thanks to the innovative business model that was first applied on the FCoin exchange.

Members of the crypto community have repeatedly expressed their concerns about the possible corruption of centralized crypto exchanges, voicing the opinion that only decentralized crypto exchanges can radically change the situation.